Mexico struggling to keep ancient medicine tradition alive

Indigenous communities’ knowledge is vast. The capital government will work to preserve the ancestral legacy practiced by healers in Mexico City. 

In the Botanical Garden of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) the city government, headed by Miguel Ángel Mancera, is committed to continue supporting the various projects that promote and disseminate the practice of traditional medicine in the capital.

In commemorating the International Day of Traditional Medicine, he added that links with academic institutions, healers and communities will be maintained to promote all those actions that benefit and provide a alternative health to the citizens.

Rodriguez recalled that the Institute of Biology of the UNAM was made the book on medicinal plants of Mexico City, with which you can know the benefits, applications they have, their chemical composition and geographical location.

He added that to continue the practice of traditional medicine, Mexico City went from having 24 to 31 houses of traditional medicine, in which its representatives continue in constant training for the benefit of the citizens.

He emphasized the connection that has with the federal deputy and president of the Commission on Human Rights in the Chamber of Deputies, Cristina Gaytán, who has promoted various projects related to the indigenous population and indigenous peoples and neighborhoods.

He mentioned that it is a pleasure to go to know each of the projects benefited with the program of Traditional Medicine and Herbal Medicine of Mexico City, as well as to verify that the public resources are applied in what is requested, so it will continue with the Tours of work for all the initiatives supported by the dependency to his position.

For his part, Gaytán Hernández said that traditional medicine is part of daily life, that sometimes one does not realize when it is applying, and that is an ancestral knowledge that is found throughout the country.

He said that in the last 15 years, approximately, this tradition has not been stigmatized, so the right to use traditional medicine as an alternative to health is promoted and validated.

During the commemoration of the International Day of Traditional Medicine awards were given to the healers María Dolores Domínguez Romero and Angelina Díaz Hernández, for the trajectory they take in the practice of this ancestral heritage.

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