Art trying to enhance and get recognition

The plastic artist Alejandro Loccoco was proposed by the Council of Hispanic Communities, AC, with site in Chicago, Illinois, to make a mural in the United States where he excels Latin American culture, its traditions and the situation of migrants.

The painter was recognized this 9th of November by the Republic Congress with the Ibero-American Medal Honoris Causa Foundation, and recently awarded with the 5th of May awarded by the Council of Hispanic Communities, AC.

The organization, which represents more than 30 million Latinos from various countries in the United States, is committed to fighting for the culture, language and human rights of migrants.

The mural, which does not have a space yet defined, will represent Latino leaders who have fought for the human rights of migrants, as well as reflect the traditions of the Latino community and the importance of respect for human rights.

"After knowing the concerns and experiences of the Hispanic communities, for me it was as if they had sowed a seed that little by little began to germinate in the creative part so that from the painting could help and evidence these problems that we all know exist , But that no one takes over, "said Alejandro Loccoco.

"It is important to contribute to demonstrate the greatness of our culture, especially the Mexican, without neglecting other nationalities, since in this historical moment, more than ever is when we must express dignity by representing who we are," he added. interview.

Currently Alejandro Loccoco works on the pictorial tour of Mexico migrant. A traveling soul, which will present, for three years, 33 works related to the experiences of workers crossing the border with the United States, so it will roam in cities of both countries, such as Tijuana, Culiacan, Puebla, Toluca, Chicago , Los Angeles, San Diego and New York, mainly.

The medium and large format pieces are acrylic on canvas, basically talk about what happens around the migrant, when he leaves his state to go to the neighboring country, where it happens to everything, so that will capture the moments of hunger, pain, Anguish and desperation, he said.

The artist noted that the series seeks to contribute a grain of sand in sending a message for society to pay more attention to the human rights of migrants.

Alejandro Loccoco, who has lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco for 30 years, has presented more than 20 individual exhibitions in galleries and museums in Mexico and the United States.

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