Drawing my community

Children of Tututepec created tour guide, a project that seeks to promote culture and biodiversity through artistic activities.

Resuming the perspectives of more than 40 children who participated in the eight artistic activities started in May of this year, they give voice to their expectations of life and their immediate surroundings through two tourist guides inspired by their cultural identity.

"For these children to access classes in painting, literature or simply a film function is extremely difficult, so we were interested in working in those communities," explains Mariana García, project director and member of Fazer Tequio A.C.

The idea of the project was born last February when two members of the association visited Tututepec to participate in the Latin American Forum for the Defense of Biocultural Heritage and People's Territory, "from the moment we met the director of Ecology, Mariana Pérez , We realized that we had many interests in common, so the small visit we had planned extended and immediately we were giving workshops in Tututepec, Peñas Negras and El Venado”.

With this experience in tow, the members of Fazer Tequio A.C., developed Drawing my community, which seeks to create a tool focused on strengthening and diffusing their way of life, as well as serving as an element of cultural exchange. Months later, five members of the civil association had the support of the municipality of Tututepec to give a series of workshops in the towns of Cerro Hermoso and San Martín Caballero.

"In each population we had at least 20 children, who through play and artistic activities investigated about their community: they created texts and illustrations to describe their environment and daily life.

With this material the tourist guide that allows us to know the similarities and differences, in cultural, social, ecological and economic aspects, of the communities belonging to the municipality was released.

This project was presented on Wednesday, December 21 at 4:00 pm at the Institute of Graphic Arts in Oaxaca and was attended by the authorities of Tututepec, Fazer Tequio, A.C., children of Cerro Hermoso and San Martín Caballero.

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