Yaminahua becomes official

The government of Peru recognized the official language of the alphabet of the indigenous community Yaminahua.

The State, through the Ministry of Education (Minedu), decided to recognize the official language of the alphabet of the native language yaminahua, in order to guarantee the right of populations with native languages to a bilingual education according to their culture and language .

The alphabet comprises 21 graphs and was recognized by Ministerial Resolution No. 137-2017-MINEDU, published in the bulletin Legal Standards of the Official Journal El Peruano, bearing the signature of Marilú Martens Cortés, Minister of Education.

Yaminahua live in the Amazon of southeastern Peru and the adjoining areas in Brazil. Currently, the native yaminahua communities are located mainly in the Ucayali region.

According to data obtained by the Ministry of Culture, the population of the Yaminahua communities is estimated at 887 people.

As it is remembered, the Minedu approved in December the National Plan of Intercultural Bilingual Education to the 2021, which is oriented to guarantee a quality educational service that revalorizes the cultural and linguistic diversity of the country.

The approval and recognition of the alphabets of native languages contribute to its preservation through the written transmission of the knowledge, traditions, knowledge and cosmovision of the ancestral communities of Peru.

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