NOTAMIA on air

The news agency of indigenous and Afro-descendant women, was presented in Mexico with the objective of making visible the work of this group in Latin America and to promote communication between cultures.

The Cultural Center Spain in Mexico, which hosted the event, said in a statement that "NOTIMIA seeks to be a leader of international coverage in matters related to the political agenda of Latin American indigenous peoples."

In addition to promoting intercultural ties, "forming and disseminating organizational processes from indigenous communities and peoples in indigenous languages."

Isabel Flota, representative of the Alliance of Indigenous Women of Mexico and Central America and member of NOTIMIA, participated in the presentation. She said that this new agency is "a collective achievement" and that Latin American communicators take this space "as an obligation."

The director of Different Latitudes, Jordy Melendez, stressed the importance of women in decision-making in the region, given that "there are many stories to be told in Latin America."

For his part, the Mexican poet and journalist Mardonio Carballo defended that "generating our own information is a constitutional right."

"In Mexico there are 68 languages spoken plus Spanish and we do not see means in indigenous languages".

NOTIMIA will officially debut in New York in the framework of the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues 2017, to be held from April 21 to 29.

The project comes with the support of the Cultural Center of Spain and thanks to the work of the three Meetings of Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Communicators (ECIA), in which more than 300 journalists from the region have participated.

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