“La mujer del animal” made a big entrance

The Colombian film has been awarded the best film in the XXIII edition of the Latin American Film Show of Catalonia.

The films of Víctor Gaviria constitute an invaluable chapter of Colombian cinema. With his astonishing ability to work with natural actors and to penetrate universes ignored by conventional filmmakers, his works work more like windows to pressing realities than like carefully structured histories of fiction.

Twelve years after Sumas and subtasts, his more conventional and less interesting film , Gaviria returns with a brutal and unavoidable history.

The film is based on the actual case of a girl who was kidnapped and abused for several years by a man in the 70's. The protagonist is expelled from school and goes to her sister's house in an invasion neighborhood, where he falls into the clutches of a brutal gallant.

While revealing his condition of sexual delinquent and abuser, the man keeps it confined to terror point in a dead hell.

With “La mujer del animal”, Gaviria achieves excellence in what he does best. His exploration of the world of women who survive with inventiveness and solidarity, amid the macho brutality of slums, is fascinating and overwhelming.

A key part of the achievement lies in the great characterizations of the protagonists, Natalia Polo and Tito Alexander Gómez, and an admirable cast of support.

The Colombian film 'La mujer del animal' was awarded the best film at the XXIII edition of the Latinoamerican Cinema of Catalonia held in the town of Lleida from Thursday to Sunday.

This film also received the first prize awarded by the public, as well as the award for Best Director and Best Screenplay, both for Víctor Gaviria, and the Spanish Foreign Radio Award.

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