Where is the Guaraní community?

The results of the well-known "Guaraní Continental Map", which represents three years of work of almost two hundred indigenous community members and academics, was finally presented. The demographic and geographic research made established the Guarani community as the largest surviving indigenous ethnic group in the South American region. Additionally, it confirmed that they are distributed between the Atlantic coast and the Andes mountain range, the Consejo Misionero Indigenista (CIMI) affirmed to the National Geographic.

The authors of the study identified that the Guarani communities live in both villages and urban neighborhoods in the four principal countries they inhabit: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

The census led to the conclusion that the largest Guarani population can be found in Brazil with about 85,000 people, followed by those living in Bolivia (83,000 people), Paraguay (61,000 people), and Argentina (54,000 people).

According to the study, after decades of near extermination, the Guarani population has grown at a significant pace thanks to high levels of fertility in the last 20 years. According to the researchers, the study helps understand the "extraordinary capacity demonstrated by the various Guarani people to stay alive after five centuries of intense colonial pressure"

The Guaraní community has dealt with a lot of issues throughout their history. For that reason, the study included the current problems this indigenous group faces on a daily basis. These conditions vary from loss of territories, conflicts with producers of soybeans, sugar cane and livestock, and their struggle to be recognized as landowners of traditional territories.

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

LatinAmerican Post | Manuela Pulido

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