From Bollywood to Latin America

This is the first Bollywood style film produced in Latin America, with script, direction and choreography from India, but a Costa Rican production, and will premiere in February simultaneously in five Central American countries.

"It's the first Bollywood-style Latin American movie," said Prabhakar Sharan, screenwriter and star. "They have made attempts in other countries in the region to make films with action, songs, dances and entertainment for the family. Of the work Tangled: the confusion.

Next to Sharan appears a popular Costa Rican television presenter, Nancy Dobles, as main actress, and like its nemesis Scott Steiner, a recognized American ex-warrior.

The film in Costa Rica was a dream long cherished by Sharan, based in the Central American country, and was able to specify it when he contacted Teresa Rodríguez, the producer.

For Rodríguez, who comes from the education sector, it is her first experience in film.

"My area of expertise is in projects and research, and that is why I always look for business ideas, especially because my students have to submit projects. That's why I was interested when in 2015 my project came to my desk of a unique film in Costa Rica "Said Rodríguez. It called her attention that it was a work of action with international projection "and that unique style of Bollywood".

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