North Korea willing to talk to the United States

Despite the intention of negotiation, the new sanctions placed on the Asian nation were received as an "act of war"

North Korea willing to talk to the United States

North Korea seems to be sending signals that it wishes to improve the crisis, which, during recent months, has intensified between Washington D.C. and Pyongyang. The North Korean regime insisted on Monday, February 26th that it'd be willing to "open a door" towards dialogue with the US government.

The approach became known after General Kim Yong-chol, the North Korean, - leader representing the nation while at the Winter Games-, indicated that North Korea has stated on previous occasions its intention to initiate a dialogue with US.

This same affirmation was confirmed by the president of South Korea Moon Jae-in who, as quoted by the news agency Reuters, said during a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier that "North Korea has shown that the country is open to actively participating in negotiations with the US ". 

"There is a need for the United States lower its threshold for negotiations with North Korea, and North Korea must demonstrate its willingness to denuclearize. It is important that the United States and North Korea [to talk] together." This was stated by Jae-in, according to an official statement issued by the office of the South Korean government.

"Ready for dialogue and war"

This is not the first time North Korea talks about the possibility of negotiations with the US. No more than a week ago, amid the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, the news agency Korean Central News KCNA reported that the country is "fully ready for dialogue and war" in case of having to respond to any provocations made by the American giant.

Such statements were said by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who during an interview at a local media outlet said that the United States will keep the diplomatic track with North Korea until "the first bomb" drops.

'No' to disarmament without dialogue?

Washington meanwhile, after hearing the statement issued by the North Korean delegation, issued a statement that a possible round of communication with the regime of Kim Jong-un would be subject only to the denuclearization of said nation. 

" The United States, our Olympic host the Republic of Korea and the international community agree that the outcome of any dialogue with North Korea must be based on denuclearization [...] North Korea has the ability to travel on a brighter path. If it chooses denuclearization. we'll see that a message reaches Pyongyang today", declared the statement issued by the White House.

Recently, the US issued a new series of sanctions aimed at North Korea's 56 companies, including shipping companies and carriers. Such companies would be serving, as stated by representatives of the American government in Washington, Pyongyang as a strategy to evade the sanctions imposed by the UN.

As expected, North Korea stated that any restrictions are considered an "act of war" and are prepared to respond to any provocation. "We already have the atomic bomb, a treasured sword of justice to protect us from US' threats ", said Geng Shuang spokesman Foreign Minister of North Korea.

The new sanctions, described by Donald Trump as the "toughest imposed so far", ignited the fire between both  nations. However, the declaration of intention of dialogue by the North Korean regime, which has remained stagnant for more than a decade, could give way to a less catastrophic output between countries.


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