The first certified museum in Latin America

The contemporaneous art museum in Bogotá gets the international excellence sign.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá (MAC) Minuto de Dios, located in the Minuto de Dios neighborhood, founded by Father Rafael García-Herreros, obtained accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), instinctive that makes it look like the only one in Latin America and second in the world except the for US, as a seal of excellence that represents an entire country.

It was the first art museum founded in Colombia and the second in Latin America, also, the first building build for museum. During these 50 years he has had various awards such as the National Architecture Prize in 1971 for his work Cooperartes Culture Prize in 1987 and in 2006 Order of Civil Merit Jose Acevedo and Gómez by the Council of Bogota.

More than one million visitors, the 1800 curatorial made and the exhibition of more than 20 thousand works and management of collections such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photographs, objects, murals and settings of Colombian and foreign artists totaling 1500 works permanent collection, made deserving of this recognition of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota - Minuto de Dios.

Gustavo Ortiz, director for 14 years MAC Bogota ago - Minuto de Dios "We are proud as a museum and part of Uniminuto to get this recognition of quality that includes code of ethics, strategic plan, documents handling collections and educational strategy, the emergency plan for museums and collections policy. This constitutes the first international accreditation Uniminuto receiving. "


The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) recognized by this distinction; quality, self-regulation and public accountability of institutions, and gives recognition to the museum that receives for its commitment to excellence in everything he does.

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