Intimacy Through Abstraction (Sentimentismo)

We are in the race to achieve things and competing demands that the outside world requires , keeping us into the prag...

We are in the race to achieve things and competing demands that the outside world requires , keeping us into the pragmatism and the theoretical in arts, not allowing__ to see the inside, impossible, of having _ the power of being_ not exceeding the external stage____ and materialistic , not letting us to listen the spirit calls( called) and its sounds.

Why does our experience of abstraction leave out so much of our contemporary visual existence?
A__ confusion of _ being___ and our__ role in this world and what we see around is filled with more empty,__ fear, not letting us__ act ,innovate and create__ and__ find__ different ways to say what is already established . The artist has a great responsibility to himself and the viewer to be able to spread a message of hope, to help people__ explain their own existence through art, because Art is the soul of people.__ In other words, redefining existence framed by everyday conventional reality.

Why doesn_t abstraction have a deeper history of actual lived imagery?

Today__s world is evolving into emotional. In fantasy and creativity that must emerge from the__ inner self, there have been advances in technology as amazing as other past techniques. The creation__ of abstract images to the never ended fluctuations of energy and matter as seen in interstellar space. We should__ change without fear of rejection.
The gaps in renewal and change is proposed in today's world.

Over a decade ago, I searched and I found my track for art diving into the depths of the spirit of things and of human beings to capture them in my paintings, in my work, keeping me from the outside and identifying with no current established in the past. I have created "the sentimentismo" as a way to conceptualize my work in art. I work watching, conceptualizing, identifying, observing my feelings into an artistic expression that produces a strong and powerful feeling to the viewer. Leading him down the path of the senses and connecting with their inner self.

Here the techniques and styles come together or have them at their discretion and need to create , form and__ identity by providing freedom. The__ total abstraction, taking knowledge from previous eras, being aware of our real self and experience, able to learn and change the provisions of a new way of _being_ in full: evolving, changing and mutating. I stand in an outer, equally abstracting the visual, as__ my sailboat which is a shaft carrying a banner to the various seas of feeling of life through art alive.

By Ileana Gutierrez

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