Collective Intelligence in the town of Palomino

The aim of this eco-social experimental project is to analyze, understand and address the problems of the region and its inhabitants through architecture and design proposals; through the academy solutions to some of the problematic of Colombia, represented in the town of Palomino.

The proposal is the creation of a network of agents that work hand in hand with the community with the intention to put forward concrete, viable and sustainable alternatives in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. An analytical, proactive context and Palomino database is established, which draws on experiences that can not be found in other contexts.

A major project is the construction of dry toilets; a new system which is intended to be a green machine that works in cycles: generating manure and fertilizer for a vegetable garden and associated deck to collect rainwater, which is used for irrigation, and also functions as traditional in bathroom.

Another project carried out is the construction of the House of Culture, where workshops are held by the Sena, and the Kogui__s tribe integrates with the inhabitants of Palomino.

We can see how such projects not only will generate inclusion and collaboration between the residents of Palomino, but are also transformative seeds of ideas of a visionary network.

LatinAmerican Post | by Ana Bravo

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