Exhibition Gives Visitors a Look at Erotic Art from 19th Century

_The focus is on the female body as an object of desire,_ curator Laura Malosetti Costa told Efe.

The _La seduccion fatal_ (Fatal Seduction) exhibition brings together, for the first time, the pieces with the most erotic content in the Argentine museum, known as the MNBA.

The 65 pieces on exhibit mostly belong to the MNBA and are presented in dim light and reddish hues.

The works are part of a collection of nudes painted by artists from Europe, Argentina and Uruguay from the late 1800s to World War II.

_In the late 19th century, bourgeois society_s eroticism reflected a double standard _ guilty feelings about sex and, at the same time, power issues over the female body as the locus for the man_s desires,_ Malosetti Costa said.

The exhibition, which will run until March, includes Evariste-Vital Luminais_s _The Rapture,_ highlighting the link between sexual fantasies and violence leading to the subjection of women to masculine passions.

_There is no eroticism without an ingredient of death and destruction,_ Malosetti Costa said.

_The idea of the woman abducted, forcibly dragged and taken captive is part of fantasies about working class girls, an object of imagination for the elites of the time and icons of class intermingling,_ Malosetti Costa said.

Moving away from those fantasies, the exhibit offers visitors Edouard Manet_s _The Nymph_ and Eduardo Sivori_s _The Servant Awakens,_ two works that stray from the canons of beauty of their times.

_Sivori painted a poor woman, something considered improper in his society, and Manet_s work is a precursor to the controversial _Olivia,_ which caused a stir by showing the female body as a battlefield,_ Malosetti Costa said.

The last section of the exhibition includes French pornographic magazines censored in Europe and brought to Argentina, where they inspired cartoons and tangos transforming the sexual images into folk naughtiness.

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