These 3 soccer players are also singers

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These 3 players have decided, also, to venture into music

3 soccer players who are also singers

Sport and spectacle have always had a close relationship especially because of the lifestyle that some of its protagonists, like footballers, have. A clear example of this are some who have taken their lives beyond the court, then the case of some of the stars of football that not only make us vibrate on the court but also with their music.

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1. Juan Fernando Quintero

The number twenty of the Colombian national team is currently playing an important role on the court as Argentina River Plate midfielder, since he was 11 years old when he shared with his childhood friend Maluma, both had a special interest in music and football, but their lives took different paths.

In football, Maluma only managed to play with the interiors of the National Athletic team, while in terms of music, Quintero was not left with the desire. The Colombian is not encouraged so far to launch as a soloist, but has collaborated with the Puerto Rican Luigi 21 Plus on the theme "Do not fall in love" included in the album of the year 2016 of the Puerto Rican "Back to Basics" and also recorded with Landa Freak and Element Black the song "Cybernaut".

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Dani Alves

The number two and defense of the Brazilian soccer team and PSG (Paris Saint-Germain), during the final of the French Cup, suffered a rupture in the cruciate ligament of the right knee that prevented him from playing in the World Cup in Russia 2018 and distanced him from the courts for six months. Even so, the joy of the player was not overshadowed by the situation, because in his social networks he showed all his fans the advances of his song "Suave" during the first weeks that elapsed of his recovery. The subject promoted it as "Summer Hit of 2018" and launched it a day after the start of the world cup.

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Sergio Ramos

The central defender of the First Division of Spain and Real Madrid is another player who has also risked trying other disciplines apart from football. Although lately, Ramos has not only wanted to support his nation from the field, in 2016 the Andalusian premiered as an interpreter with Niña Pastori singing "La Roja Baila", official anthem of the Spanish team, for the tournament that ended up raising Portugal.

For this 2018, the defender composed and sang together Flamenco Demarco "Another Star in Your Heart". This song, not only already reaches the eleven million visits on YouTube but also encouraged the Spanish team in the World Cup in Russia. As a soloist, the player was only encouraged to release the song "SR4" a rap in which he tells his story.

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