Yayoi Kusoma: the Japanese artist who goes out of the traditional

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Meet the Japanese artist who shows pop art, psychedelia, polka dots and patterns in a very interesting way

Yayoi Kusoma: the Japanese artist who goes out of the traditional

On March 22, 1929, the writer and artist Yayoi Kusoma was born in the city of Matsumoto Japan. From a very young age to 10 years old, Yayoi began to paint networks and points, which would later become her life, developing a very extremely special art. She studied at Kyoto City University of Arts and at 28 she traveled to New York with the aim of becoming a world-class artist, this took time, was not immediately and experimented with traditional formats such as painting and sculpture, also using technologies of the time as photomontages.

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For the year 1968, the short film "Kusama's Self-Obliteration" made by experimental New York film and video producer Jud Yalkut, marked the life of the Japanese artist, which won a prize at the Fourth International Experimental Film Competition in Belgium, in The second film festival in Maryland and the second prize at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in Michigan. In the short film you can see several of the performances carried out by Yayoi, as well as some documentation of the life of the artist who at that time lived in the rural area of New York, where she worked with animals, plants, and bodies of naked men, where she captured the central theme of her work, the moles and small circles, as stated by the ENFILME portal.

This Japanese artist has a very interesting and unique style because her main interest in the works is the psychedelia, that repetition that seems to have no end and the patterns she always uses. In the works he has done, he has used techniques such as painting, collage, sculpture, installations and performance art, precisely at the beginning of the decade of the 60s he became an avant-garde by having works exhibited alongside artists such as George Segal and Andy Warhol, that's why at that moment the artist decided to join the pop art movement, to which these artists also belonged.

There are several important exhibitions that the artist has done as "KUSAMATRIX" in 2004, which according to her website exposes attracted some 520,000 visitors. "Kusama's Self-Obliteration" would not be the only audiovisual production that would mark his life, in 2008 the documentary "Yayoi Kusama, I adore" was premiered in Japan and was also screened internationally, it is a very good example of what you can find in art: diversity, fun and a lot of colors.

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