Saudó: magic and mystic takes Latin America

Latin American film industry has scarcely ever taken the risk of showing suspense stories. This time Colombian filmmaker Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza made it happen with Saudó: laberinto de almas.

Since the 4th of August, Saudó made it to the big screen in Latin America with a different suspense story. Produced by Antorcha Film and directed by Hinestroza, the film is a fascinating take on the horror genre, developed around the mystic and the magic of the Pacific region in Colombia

Hinestroza knew since the beginning, horror genre was a big challenge for the project and also for himself, as he amusingly states he has always been terrified by the genre. He made it clear he wanted to be able to reach any public with one of the hardest genres of the Seventh Art, even with the disadvantages and needs of the small Colombian film industry.

The films takes place in the little town of Saudó, when Elías a successful 39-year-old doctor, with a wife, a child and a perfect life, starts having nightmares that remind him of his past, the one he refuses to come back.

This lonely and little town, where there is only one patriarch, was the shelter for many women slaves who were seeking their freedom during the slavery period in Colombia. Rituals, chants, witchcraft and prayers set them free by making it impossible for people to get out of Saudó.

At the age of 13, boys in Saudó went through mystic rituals to receive magic generation by generation, ritual rejected by Elias a couple of years ago. Francisco, Elias’ son, is about to turn 13, which make Elias reckon jeopardy for his family coming from his past.
Elias will try to find a way to protect his family by going back to Saudó, what he does not know is the danger is imminent with his return.

Saudó: laberinto de almas required $1 million production budget that left the team with many debts. Hopefully the film will receive positive reviews and will earn this budget back.

Manuela Pulido

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