Indigenous cuisine to be remembered

In aims of creating identity, various Latin American chefs are getting back to the beginning of their culture to learn and to blend.

Science and ancestral knowledge melts in one

Paraguay faces the agricultural crisis by proposing new ways of blending knowledge sources to get the best of it.

The first certified museum in Latin America

The contemporaneous art museum in Bogotá gets the international excellence sign.

The first certified museum in Latin America

 The contemporaneous art museum in Bogotá gets the international excellence sign.

Latin America already chose

Each Latin American country has made a statement on their representatives to the 2017 Oscars.

Culture and environmental technology rule in Latin America

The seventh art goes environmental with the first cinema fed by solar energy in Latin America.

Latin America might be the creator of the future music

The vast cultural heritage and diversity that coexist in the region seems to be the perfect stage for the future sound of music.

The untold story of the Chilean Revolution to big screen

Carlos Weber, one of the victims of the violent times Chile went through during the 70’s unveils his experience in a documentary by the Puerto Rican filmmaker Arleen Cruz-Alicea.

Urban Latin American art reaches the Russian capital streets

With the second edition of the street art festival in Moscow 42 artists from all around the world will fill up the city with color and creativity.

17 ancient graves discovered in Peru

When archaeologists thought there was nothing else to be found, they discovered children graves that might unveil dark secrets about the Inca Empire.

Mapuche exposition finally sees the light

For the first time pre-Columbian traditional Mapuche silver handcraft will be shown to the world.

Academic music in Colombia: a forgotten tradition

What happened with the history and development of music in a country that lives surrounded by it?

A sneak into the Aymara’s sacred places

Architecture and geography is the voice of the history for the Aymara beliefs.

In September the U.S. goes Latin

Latin culture takes the U.S. North Carolina and Arizona will host music and the vast Latin American heritage.

Who was Malinche? : The key that open the Mexican door

The young Malinalli, or better known Malinche, the indigenous woman that accompanied  Hernán Cortés during the long conquer process of the Aztec Empire.

Maya’s civilization even closer to Venus than us

The clever and advanced logic of the Maya’s astronomy underestimated in time.

New York’s books shelves speak in Spanish

New York city streets are opened for the Latin American culture through the books industry.

Literature and culture all joined in Bolivia

The oral tradition and the writing development of Latin America since the Spanish conquest until today discussed in one place. 

The real origin of the bowler hats: A Cholitas legend

After Evo Morales reached the presidency in Peru, bowler hats came back to the view. But where do they come from after all?

Aztecs: An interesting daily routine

How was a normal day in the life of the noble class? The Aztec Empire seen through the eyes of the curious.  

Latin America for the World

London Museum ready for one of the biggest projects in charge of worldwide artists, aiming to show Latin American culture to the world.

Latin American castles: no reason to feel envy

Thousands of people looking for European countries to get a sneak of the history through the mythical castles when they are right in front of their eyes.


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