Cuba and New York City united on cultural exchange

New York City and Cuba's capital city are embarking on a cultural exchange of music and visual and performing arts.

A trip to the days when Spain colonized Colombia

Villa de Leyva and Mongui, two pueblos of stone-paved streets and houses with balconies in central Colombia, preserve enormous architectural and artisanal riches that take visitors back to the days of the Spanish conquest.

Saving Ernest Hemingway's estate

Shipping containers full of tools arrive to Cuba to help build facility to house US novelist’s photos and letters

Tito Puente NYC memorial plans moving forward

In August 2000, three months after Puente’s passing, East 110th Street from Fifth to First Avenue was christened Tito Puente Way.

Sistine Chapel replica unveiled in Mexico

Renaissance art lovers in Mexico won't need to travel to Vatican City to see the glories of the Sistine Chapel. A private art project has created a temporary replica of the chapel in Mexico's art deco Monument to the Revolution.

'This is not America': a Chilean artist's newly electric message to Trump

Alfredo Jaar’s inflammatory billboard Logo for America lit up Times Square years ago. Now it will be installed in Piccadilly Circus – and it couldn’t be more urgent

5 questions for film director Juan Feldman

Juan Feldman is a Uruguayan film director and producer whose first feature film was set in Costa Rica: “After Words” (2015), starring Oscar-winner Marcia Gay Harden.

U.S., Mexico Studying How to Preserve Spanish Missions

About 30 experts from Mexico and the United States met this week to examine strategies to preserve the cultural and historical legacy of the Spanish missions located in Mexico and California.

La alma de la communidad at Boston’s Latin Quarter

“A Latin American Spectacle” was not so much a linear, narrative performance, as a wild, passionate celebration of cultural heritage.

Ecuador traditional “Toquilla” straw hats in China

Though known throughout the world as Panama hats, toquillas are originally from Ecuador, as UNESCO recognized in 2012 when it declared the weaving of the straw fabric from the Andean toquilla plant an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Bolivian “Cholitas” will take the Big Apple

The elegant clothing style of the La Paz “cholita,” who is the cultural icon of La Paz, will be seen for the first time during Fashion Week in New York this September.

Brazilians delight in words unique to Portuguese

Why, such words, like "jeitinho"—an ingenious way to cut corners—is a marker of Brazilian identity

Rio 2016 Olympic test events end, preparations race forward

As the countdown to Rio2106 continues, May concludes both the end of the Olympic and Paralympic test events and the inauguration of the new terminal in Rio's international airport.

Art, folklore, gastronomy featured for argentine independence day

Argentina celebrates the 206th anniversary of the May Revolution, the episode that marked the beginning of the struggle for the country’s independence.

Garcia Marquez laid to rest in Cartagena

The ashes of the late Nobel Prize winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, have been laid to rest in the Colombian coastal city of Cartagena.

Bogota allowed graffiti & street art to flourish

To some people, graffiti and street art are a nuisance and an eyesore. To others, it’s a way of bringing artistic expression to the public.

“El Comandante”: Life of Hugo Chavez on TV

The life of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will be televised in the series “El Comandante” being prepared by the Latin American unit of Sony Pictures Television, Variety magazine reported Monday in its Latino edition.

Searching for history in the tunnels of Puebla

Thousands of tourists throng the Mexican city to see the network of centuries-old tunnels unearthed in 2014

Brazilian movie will compete again for the Palme d'Or

There is a familiar sound around. After eight years, once again the Portuguese language spoken with a Brazilian accent is heard at the main competition of the most important film festival in the world.

Experts foresee promising future for Spanish

A “promising future” awaits Spanish, although not one free of challenges presented by the social networks, other “dominant” languages or the many variants of the language around the world

From Grece to Rio: Olympic torch's journey

The flame for the Olympic Games in Brazil has been lit in southern Greece. The torch will be taken by various runners on an international relay that will culminate at the opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on 5 August.

New clues on Easter Island's mystery

Hundreds of iconic moai statues stand testament to the vibrant civilization that once inhabited Chile's Easter Island, but there are far fewer clues about why this civilization mysteriously vanished.


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