Speaking Guaraní, Don Quixote rides into Paraguay

The first-ever Guaraní translation of Don Quixote was recently completed, part of a growing effort by scholars and officials to embrace Paraguay’s indigenous language.

Mexico finds water tunnels under Pakal tomb in Palenque

Archaeologists at the Mayan ruin site of Palenque said Monday they have discovered an underground water tunnel built under the Temple of Inscriptions, which houses the tomb of an ancient ruler named Pakal.

Colombia's 'Embrace of the Serpent' tops Platino Awards

Colombian Oscar bid Embrace of the Serpent was the big winner on Sunday at the third edition of the Platino Awards, the Latin version of the Oscars.

Mexico’s Top Historian Wants You To Look Past The Grim Headlines

“In comparison to so many other countries in the world ... Mexico is a culturally homogeneous country that does not have the problems of racism, religious wars or migration.”

Quinoa is improving Peruvian farmers' lives

Trade in quinoa, the traditional Andean cereal loved by ethical foodies, has been accused of driving poverty in the region. In 2013, a Guardian article argued that rising prices, driven by western demand for the “super grain”,

A Brazilian Artist’s ‘Self-Portraits’ Explore The Beauty Of Interracial Identity

In 1976, a Brazilian census asked citizens of the country — for the very first time — to describe and ide...

Pokémon Go: where does augmented reality go next?

Pokémon Go hit the UK app store right smack in the middle of Brighton’s game developer conference Develop, and it seemed suddenly the entire indie community was flicking Pokéballs into hotel corners to try and snag some of the city’s omnipresent Voltorbs and Magnemites.


Sistine Chapel life-sized replica in Mexico

Renaissance art lovers in Mexico won't need to travel to Vatican City to see the glories of the Sistine Chapel.

IndieBo floods Bogotá with independent films

The Bogotá Independent Film Festival will run from the 14th to the 24th of July. 106 films from over 35 countries. Moviegoers can’t miss it.

BBVA Expedition reaches Mexico’s Calakmul archaeological site

The academic-cultural project, whose participants come from 17 Ibero-American countries, was created in 1979 by reporter and adventurer Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo based on a proposal by King Juan Carlos I

Pablo Escobar's brother asks to review Netflix's Narcos

Roberto Escobar, the brother of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, has written to the video streaming company Netflix asking to review the second season of the series Narcos.

Boris Izaguirre Hails Robust State of Ibero-American Cinema

“El abrazo de la serpiente” (Embrace of the Serpent), “El clan” (The Clan), “El club” (The Club), “Ixcanul” and “Truman” – reflect the “extraordinary” strides that film industry has made over the past five to 10 years.

The Latin American death tree

The Manchineel tree or beach apple is perhaps the most dangerous trees in the world and is now in danger of extinction.

Amazon: The final frontier?

There are still a few indigenous groups existing in voluntary isolation in the Amazon - for who knows how much longer.

The death-defying Dance of the Flyers

Five individuals climb to the top of a pole more than 100 feet tall. They are the "voladores," and this is their dance.

“Silleteros” carry on flowery colombian tradition

The tradition, declared part of Colombia’s intangible cultural heritage, ties into the Flower Fair, the main festival in Medellin, lasting 10 days and attracting tens of thousands of visitors.

Hispanic graffiti artist exalts women on L.A. walls

Hispanic graffiti artist Sand One uses the walls of Los Angeles buildings as a canvas to exalt the role of women in society with depictions of big-eyed faces with curly eyelashes, and voluptuous body shapes.

Humble eateries of Arequipa are as treasured as Machu Picchu

Peru's most famous chefs tend to be men but its favourite cooks are women. In the working-class taverns, or picantería, of Arequipa, it is almost always women conducting the kitchens.

The Sun is God for Andean Indians

The sun is viewed as God by the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Andes, who celebrate the summer solstice with a feast of thanksgiving for the harvest and life itself.

Pollen used to reconstruct flora history of the Los Flamencos Sanctuary

The influence of the ocean on mangrove formations at the Los Flamencos Flora and Fauna Sanctuary in the Colombian Province of La Guajira, began more than three centuries ago.

Lollapalooza lineup announced

Del Rey on her way to Bogotá for Lollapalooza alongside mystery headliner

Cuba and New York City united on cultural exchange

New York City and Cuba's capital city are embarking on a cultural exchange of music and visual and performing arts.


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