“El Comandante”: Life of Hugo Chavez on TV

The life of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will be televised in the series “El Comandante” being prepared by the Latin American unit of Sony Pictures Television, Variety magazine reported Monday in its Latino edition.

Searching for history in the tunnels of Puebla

Thousands of tourists throng the Mexican city to see the network of centuries-old tunnels unearthed in 2014

Brazilian movie will compete again for the Palme d'Or

There is a familiar sound around. After eight years, once again the Portuguese language spoken with a Brazilian accent is heard at the main competition of the most important film festival in the world.

Experts foresee promising future for Spanish

A “promising future” awaits Spanish, although not one free of challenges presented by the social networks, other “dominant” languages or the many variants of the language around the world

New version of La Guaneña debuted in Florida

Fantastic variations on La Guaneña” of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNal) Music Conservatorium Professor Mauricio Arias was played by the University of Florida, Gainesville Symphonic Band on April 14th

Colombia Committed to Ending Illiteracy by 2018

Education Minister Gina Parody spoke once again Tuesday about Colombia’s commitment to ending illiteracy by the year 2018, a goal whose achievement means that some 676,000 young people and adults will have to learn to read and write.

From Grece to Rio: Olympic torch's journey

The flame for the Olympic Games in Brazil has been lit in southern Greece. The torch will be taken by various runners on an international relay that will culminate at the opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on 5 August.

New clues on Easter Island's mystery

Hundreds of iconic moai statues stand testament to the vibrant civilization that once inhabited Chile's Easter Island, but there are far fewer clues about why this civilization mysteriously vanished.

Mayan art show in Berlin

Sculptures celebrating the human body, precious jewelry, animals from frogs to jaguars and depictions of deities are going on show in Berlin in an exhibition that offers a glimpse of centuries of Mayan art.

Sao Paulo's favelas: Marginalised and poetised

How one of Brazil's most dangerous urban centres became a hub of art and poetry.  Like many new megacities, the centre of Sao Paulo is ringed by an enormous, sprawling, urban mass.

Mapuche-Spanish dictionary created in Argentina

Argentina’s Wixaleyiñ Mapuche education team has unveiled the first bilingual dictionary for its native Mapudungun tongue and Spanish produced “from the perspective of the people recovering” their language.

“Papa: Hemingway in Cuba” Wins Best Picture at Sonoma

The Sonoma Film Festival announced that Papa won the Best Picture Award. Papa, based on a true story, follows journalist Ed Myers (Giovanni Ribisi) on his adventure to Cuba during the time period preceding the 1959 revolution.

Cuban 'Frikis': the rockers who finally saw The Rolling Stones

The marginalized Cuban rockers could face detention for their musical taste, were a threat to the socialist patterns and gave themselves HIV during the 80's.

Maya Metropolis

Beneath Guatemala’s modern capital lies the record of the rise and fall of an ancient city. Built alongside an ancient lake, Kaminaljuyú was once the most populous Maya city in the southern highlands.

The last “lost” tribes of the Amazon?

Experts suggest there are perhaps 70 such groupings left, numbering anything from 2,000 to 3,000 people in total, nearly all of whom live in the headwaters of the Amazon.

Colombian Indians preserve cultural roots

Several Indian communities in the southern Colombian province of Guaviare are working with international assistance to document and preserve traditions threatened by half a century of armed conflict and forced displacement.

The fight for Rapa Nui's protection

Some worry the proposed marine park will prevent them from feeding their families and say it is a form of colonialism.

Brazil rugby in Rio Olympics 2016

When you think of Brazil you probably think of football, the Copacabana beach, the Amazon rainforest or samba music. One thing you probably would not think of is rugby.

Colombia And SEX

This article is about sex, sex, and more sex, a totally uncontroversial subject in Colombia we can talk about without touching any taboos.

Native languages of Colombia: Flourishing or floundering?

According to UNESCO, if action is not taken, half of the 6,000 languages currently spoken in the world will disappear by the end of this century. Most at risk are lesser-spoken languages usually within indigenous or native communities.

Why are the lost tribes now emerging from the Amazon?

Film-maker Angus Macqueen had extraordinary access to one of the last uncontacted indigenous peoples for his new documentary. Here he tells of the struggles they now face on the border of Brazil and Peru

Mayas and Graphic Novels

Long before Bugs Bunny came along, a cheeky rabbit terrorised Mayan gods. With speech bubbles, stink lines and naughty jokes, they are uncannily similar to today's graphic novels.


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