Amid Cuba opening, Havana quinceanera biz booms

Celebrations known as "quinceaneras," marking a girl's 15th birthday and recognizing her transition to womanhood, date back centuries in Latam. Voyages back to Cuba, for this occasions, are becoming increasingly common for girls who find that marking the milestone on the island is both appealing and economical.

Chile recalls Neruda’s life work with street carnival

The streets of the Chilean capital were the scene of a colorful carnival on the weekend to honor the life and work of poet Pablo Neruda.

10 latino holiday festivities

Christmas is around the corner and around the world people are getting ready to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year. However, no one does Christmas quite like Latinos. Here are ten Latino traditions that don’t fail to put us in the holiday spirit.

Cuban filmmaker and team celebrate Goya nomination

Cuban moviemaker Marilyn Solaya and her team were celebrating on Monday after learning that her film “Vestido de novia” (Wedding dress) was nominated for a Goya Award – Spain’s equivalent of the Oscar – in the Best Ibero-American Film category.

Poet beautifully describes why spanish accents are so special

The poem "Accents" by Denice Frohman was published a couple of years ago highlights the flavor and the uniqueness of Latin accents and is an elevation and celebration of what we are and have been.

Latinos live longer, despite poverty. Here's their secret.

Despite nearly a quarter of their population in the US is living in poverty, Latinos have higher average life expectancies than white Americans, who have a much lower poverty rate.  Culture is a big part of it.

Pedra do Sal, the birthplace of samba in Rio de Janeiro

To experience traditional Brazilian samba in an authentic setting, head to Pedra do Sal in Centro on either a Monday or Friday evening.

Colombia finds galleon 'holy grail'

The wreck of the San Jose, a treasure-laden Spanish galleon sunk by the British 300 years ago, has been found off the Colombian city of Cartagena, President Juan Manuel Santos announces.

Bookworms flock to Latin America's biggest literary fair

Guadalajara is one of the most important dates in international publishers' diaries. Bookworms have been filling the halls at Guadalajara's Expo this week.

Cuban cinema's new indie wave

How film-makers are breaking the mould in Cuba. On the eve of the annual Havana Film Festival, a camera crew wrap up a long day's shoot on the backstreets of the capital.

Artists literally starving in Chile, study states

Lacking contracts and basic labor rights, Chilean arts and culture workers are now considered a ‘vulnerable population.’

Ecuador: Small country, many tastes

Ecuador's cuisine ranges from the Pacific to the Andes to the Amazon basin. Everyone just wanted to talk about the guinea pigs: Yes, they were cute. Yes, they come roasted. Yes, they were delicious, and if you couldn’t get into them, were you sure you’d come to the right message board?

A celebration of AfroCuban roots and electronic expressions

The MANANA music festival in 2016, set to be had in Santiago de Cuba, will showcast AfroCuban folkloric musical expressions with innovative electronic musical methodology to the world.

Cali’s DIY dance clubs keep the spirit of salsa alive

In Cali, south Colombia, discotecas are treasure troves of old-school salsa and other Latino music, with vast collections of vinyl, turntables, posters, and, of course, dance floors

How Latinas are influencing the retail industry

Hispanic shoppers are becoming a retailer's dream. They go to the mall at least once a week to either window shop or buy clothes. Latina women are fast becoming the new majority consumer, and the purchasing power they wield is making retail companies sit up and take notice.

Crossing the Pacific on tree trunks

What do you need to cross the ocean on a wooden raft? - This is a story about survival, science and exploration. But it is also one about a struggle against the odds, just as it was on the first voyage back in 1947.

How culture affects work practices in LatAm

The Latin American business model as a hybrid of globalization and the region’s historic traditions. This is the cultural framework that defines Human Resource practices within the Latin American company

Forget Maradona: Argentina in a rugby fever as Pumas bid for Bronce final

Semi-final against Australia was watched as vividly in Buenos Aires as it was in Twickenham, In a country where football is the unofficial national religion, This weekend though, the spotlight was elsewhere.

How Argentina's Pumas found their bite

On a cold autumn day 25 years ago, Argentina walked off at Twickenham having been handed a seven-try thrashing by England. They failed to score a single point. Today they are at the Rugby World Cup semifinals

Brazil hosts first indigenous games

Athletes from dozens of indigenous ethnic groups are taking part in the first World Indigenous Games Palmas, Brazil

LatAm dinner offers a taste of culture

Fountain Dining Hall welcomed a slice of Latin American culture Thursday evening as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month. With foods such as fried plantains, lechon asado and roasted chicken with mole sauce on the menu, “A Taste of Latin America” showcased the diversity of Latin American food.

Bolivia celebrates its Cholitas!

Over a hundred indigenous women took part in the city of El Alto’s annual “Cholita” bike race. Held as part of October 11 events, celebrating indigenous women across Bolivia.


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