Maduro counterattacks: what you should know about humanitarian aid

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As a response to the massive arrival of shipments full of food and medicine, Maduro announced the arrival of humanitarian aid from Russia

 Maduro counterattacks: what you should know about humanitarian aid

Nicolás Maduro announced the arrival of 300 tons of humanitarian aid from Russia. This would deny the possible entry of aid that countries like the United States have committed to deliver to the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó.

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Guaidó denounced to the international community the lack of food and medicines necessary for the population, which is increasingly sinking into a humanitarian crisis. The aid, which has arrived in the Colombian border city of Cúcuta this month, plans to enter Venezuela on February 23, despite the constant denial of Maduro, who affirms that what it is behind that US humanitarian aid, is a simple pretext to be able to invade Venezuela.

However, Maduro ratified that he would receive aid only if they were through the United Nations (UN). According to El Tiempo, the shipment "will legally enter Venezuela and was paid by its government." In this regard, he assured that "we have paid for that, yes, with dignity, from Russia, from China, from Turkey, from the whole world, from all the UN agencies, we have technical assistance, I can say that there are countries in the world that Through the UN they are offering support and we have told them very well, legally, orderly, with their certificate."

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Even so, the border military are the ones who "will make the most important decision of their lives," according to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who was at the border last weekend observing the situation. They are the military, who at first hand know and evidence the humanitarian crisis of the Venezuelan people : "the moment of truth is approaching, in which they will have to decide if they give orders that their troops will not follow and that they know they are wrong. And they will have to make the most important decision of their lives," said Rubio, according to Pulso.

The world is united by Venezuela

On the other hand, the British businessman Richard Branson and as a way to bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela, the Venezuela Aid Live concert, has already confirmed several important singers in the music industry, such as Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz, José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma", Paulina Rubio, among others. To counterattack this initiative, Maduro also proposed the organization of a concert, "Hands of Venezuela", which still does not have a list of confirmed artists.

Similarly, through this concert, the Venezuelan Minister of Information Jorge Rodríguez, announced the shipment of 200,000 boxes of subsidized food, as well as medical attention to provide free care to the people of Cucuta, according to Portafolio. In the press conference said that "40%, almost 300,000 Cucuteños and Cucuta are in a situation of poverty, for those who do not know, 10% are in a situation of extreme poverty almost 20,000 children working in the street," as The Colombian remembers it.

Humanitarian aid from Venezuela comes as a response to the humanitarian aid that is being repressed in Cúcuta, and in which Maduro insists on not letting her in. However, the Maduro government has not stopped receiving criticism because many believe that the aid that will be sent to Colombia are not equally necessary and that in their country they would be better used.

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz
Translated from "Maduro contraataca: lo que debes saber de la ayuda humanitaria"

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