Russia to the rescue! Venezuela will be safe from USA

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Before a possible US military intervention in Venezuela, Russia will act firmly and without hesitation to support and defend the South American country

Russia to the rescue! Venezuela will be safe from USA

Recently, the vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, made a visit to Russia with the aim of strengthening relations and cooperation between the two countries, both for the delivery of humanitarian aid (medicines and food) and the expansion of bilateral agreements, as well as to ratify the support of the government of Vladimir Putin to Nicolás Maduro. The meeting came at a crucial moment, especially when pressure from the United States and its allies has deepened to force Maduro out of power.

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During her visit, Rodriguez met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Russian parliament speaker Valentina Matvienko, and delegates from the Ministry of Industry and Business. The vice president discussed matters related to the bilateral relationship between the two countries and signed economic cooperation agreements to mitigate the crisis Venezuela faces.

Against 'American aggression'

The events of recent weeks and the actions undertaken by the United States and its allies, with the increase in pressure and economic sanctions, have motivated the Venezuelan government to seek support from the governments with which it still maintains diplomatic relations and recognizes it.

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Thus, the consolidation of relations and cooperation with Russia represents a strategy that could shield Venezuela from any intention of the United States to militarily intervene its territory This in order to achieve, as has been proposed by Russia itself and other countries such as Mexico and Uruguay, that the political and economic situation of this country be resolved through peaceful means and dialogue.

Precisely, after meeting with Foreign Minister Lavrov, Rodriguez described the meeting as "extraordinary" and described the diplomat as "a worthy voice, against hegemonic and imperialsm," while thanked the support of several Russian political leaders to Venezuelan democracy.

On the other hand, the vice president also highlighted the work agenda that has been executed between Venezuela and Russia, mentioning the agreements of economic cooperation between both nations, as well as the defense before the veto against Venezuela that took place in the Security Council of the United Nations.

In turn, TeleSUR highlighted another of the paragraphs of Rodriguez's statements, when the official said that " the provocations to deepen situations of destabilization in Venezuela, by a minority group of governments, will fail as the actions carried out on February 23 on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. "

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"Venezuelans must decide how to solve the crisis"

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Lavrov emphasized Russia's position on Venezuela, noting that "we must let the Venezuelans themselves decide for themselves how to solve the crisis", reaffirming that the United States' vision and position is not helping to solve the crisis and is not helping the region either, according to CNN in Spanish.

To this is added the announcement made by Delcy Rodríguez, according to which the economic and military cooperation between both countries will be expanded with the execution of 264 additional agreements, which were signed by Presidents Putin and Maduro in December 2018.

Likewise, the instruction given by Nicolás Maduro to move out the headquarters of PDVSA, currently in Lisbon (Portugal), to Moscow stands out; as well as the office of the Mos metallurgical company, with the objective of controlling the assets of Venezuela, which are mostly held back by the economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

With this turnaround that has given the relationship between Venezuela and Russia, it is clear that the government of Nicolás Maduro will not rule out anything to reduce the siege imposed by the United States and its allies. On the contrary, the pressure to make Maduro resigns his post, as well as the intentions to intervene militarily in Venezuela, will be increasingly difficult and useless.

LatinAmerican Post | Samuel Augusto Gallego Suárez
Translated from "Con el apoyo de Rusia, Venezuela se 'blinda' de Estados Unidos"

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