These are 5 benefits of traveling alone

May 10, 2019 Travel
Traveling alone can be a different experience that serves to know the world and yourself

Travel packages to Brazil, a proposal tailored to your needs

May 02, 2019 Travel
"That trip that left no traces in your heart was never a true trip"

4 essential Apps that every traveler should have

Apr 22, 2019 Travel
Know these 4 apps that are essential for every traveler at the time of undertaking their destination

What to play in the car while traveling with your children?

Apr 15, 2019 Travel
Traveling can become tedious because of the long hours in the car. Here we bring you 5 games to enjoy with your children

What do you need to do a backpacking trip?

Apr 10, 2019 Travel
Backpacking has become a way of travel desired by young people from all over the world. Here are some tips to keep in mind

7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 2)

Apr 05, 2019 Travel
As promised, here we bring you four other destinations that you can visit this Holy Week

7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 1)

Apr 04, 2019 Travel
In this first part, we present you 3 of the 7 destinations that you can visit in this Holy Week. Do not miss our next article with the other four places

Find out these 5 rare and funny hotels

Apr 04, 2019 Travel
Do you want to change your vacation and visit unique places? We show you 5 hotels that will undoubtedly make your trip a unique experience

Cusco: an encounter with a pre-Hispanic empire

Apr 03, 2019 Travel
Las grandes montañas peruanas esconden las ruinas y los herederos del antiguo Imperio Inca están escondidos. Aquí te mostramos 5 lugares que puedes visitar.

Dark tourism: Latin America edition

Mar 27, 2019 Travel
Forget about vacationing in beautiful hotels or paradisiacal beaches; dark tourism takes a tour of places related to death and tragedy

Palomino: 5 plans in this Colombian Caribbean town

Mar 27, 2019 Travel
Ecological treks in the Tayrona and river tours that end in the sea are some of the things you can do in Palomino and its surroundings

Patagonia: 3 national parks that you must visit

Mar 20, 2019 Travel
Learn about the nature and glaciers of these Latin American national parks at the end of the world

Learn how to make your travel bag with these 6 tips

Mar 19, 2019 Travel
Here you will find handy tips to make the travel suitcase quickly and perfectly

Wine tourism: the route of the best wines of Latin America

Mar 12, 2019 Travel
A trip full of flavors through the distinctive places of wine production in the region

Adrenaline and fun: the best amusement parks in Latin America

Jan 23, 2019 Travel
One day may not be enough for you to visit these 5 parks that have entertainment for all ages
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