Pokémon go and Latin America’s security rates are not compatible

People fanatic behavior for the latest worldwide digital game is pushing
them to look for safety ways to play in Latin America against insecurity.

People fanatic behavior for the latest worldwide digital game is pushing them to look for safety ways to play in Latin America against insecurity.

The 3rd of August, Pokemon Go finally arrived to Latin America after a long wait.

Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality video game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android.It started being released in July 2016.

The video game had been causing problems since the release.

Some memorials and cementeries, like the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, being used as a  location for the game is one of them. In Bosnia people is warned to stay away from
the 1990's minefields left after the Bosnian War, locations the app is currently using.

There have been some others reports from several Police Departments in various countries, about gamers injured as a direct cause of the situations the app make them go through.

So, in Latin America, people was anxious about the arrival of the app. What was unexpected, was to have even more handicaps than the ones already mentioned.

This time not because of the app itself, but for the insecurity context Latin American countries live nowadays.

Even though insecurity rates went down for Latin America last year, as shown by the Global Peace Rate, security is still staggering in most of the countries.

The only two that remain moving forward are Chile and Costa Rica. In the meantime, countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Brasil and Perú still appear at the bottom of the rate list, reflecting the problematics and crisis preventing these countries
from living in a more secured context.

To ilustrate, there is a report made after the release of the game in Latin America, specifically in Chiquimula, Guatemala. An 18 year-old boy was shot and killed while playing the game in tha late evening hours. Investigations are pointing out to the app as a possible tool for the murderers to locate their victims.

However, people fever for this game has crossed every boundarie. Players refuse to listen to all the advises. So, to go against insecurity in Latin American countries, people is creating strategies to mock every possible risk they might have in front of them.

To mention one, in Venezuela they are using books with a deep hole in the center to set their cellphone.

But at the end, there must be a deeper reflection. Does it worth it?
Your life gives you more points than catching a Pokemon.

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