Many go staggering, Panamá walking steady

Panamá, one of the safest countries of Latin America based on the Global Peace Ra...

Panamá, one of the safest countries of Latin America based on the Global Peace Rate made by Institute for Economics and Peace.

Panamá is currently outstanding along with other three countries for being one of the most pacific Latin American countries.

The study was made by the Institute for Economics and Peace with head offices in New York, Sydney, Brussels and Mexico.

According to the study and document for 2016, Panamá has the place 49 out of 163, 15 places upper than the last year, which position it as the Latin American nation with more advance regarding peace inside the region, only under Costa Rica.

All of these facts point to a country with less probability of politic unsteadiness and that are less prone to manifestations.

For the study, the Global Peace rate takes into account national and international conflicts in which the country might be involved, the intern security (Criminal rates and terrorist activity) and the military level of the country along with some other related aspects.

As a matter of fact, numbers show homicide cases were diminished in all Panamá regions compared to reports from 2015, this shown by the National Criminal Statistics System studying the crime situation in the country.
In fact, Panamá currently register the lowest murder rates from the last decade as a result of security strategies designed by the government, the one that also include the fight against drug trafficking.

Getting as a result in the present year, 36,4 tons of drugs and the capture of more than 500 people involved, also they broke apart multiple organizations with criminal activities.

Even with all of these, the citizens’ perception is totally different, they still feel insecure in their own streets. This as a result of women homicide and other crimes as a different of violence.

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