Arahuacos and the peace deal

The indigenous community celebrated the end of the peace deal process. What is their position?

The indigenous community declared its support for the plebiscite on October 2 ahead of the defense of their rights, their ancestral territories and their role as protectors of nature.

Along with the support he received Sunday the peace process by the international community-specifically through U $ 80 million for demining and posconflicto- in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta an indigenous ceremony was held to celebrate the "close from the war". (Read: International Community earmarked US $ 80 million for demining and post-conflict in Colombia)

This was a solemn spiritual encounter in which Mamos and Arhuaca authorities stressed the peace agreement reached between the government and FARC in Havana (Cuba) to end half a century of conflict.

"We come together to make the pagamento for peace. It is sowing the seeds of Colombia to walk without weapons or war," said one of the Mamos to start the event, held at the 'KADUKO' a sacred site for the realization of transcendental "connections".

There came Arhuaca families from areas near Ilkarwa, an indigenous village located half an hour from Valledupar as well as guests of the Government and promoters Yes plebiscite to be held on October 2 for Colombian endorse the agreement after four years of negotiations on the dialogue table.

The message of the Mamos called to order thinking in the current situation: "It is necessary to heal and harmonize the past so you can think about the future of peace. Let each person think peace from the heart, "he said.

In developing this pagamento for peace, arhuacos warned about the challenges and risks facing the immediate future post-conflict. "On behalf of peace they speak many with diverse interests. There are those who understand peace only for their benefit and leaving aside the poorest people in the field. "

During the ceremony he reiterated that the Arhuaco people never speak the language of war and declared their support for the Yes as an input to defend their rights, their ancestral territories and their role as protectors of Mother Nature, making sure that the commitments are met.

Among others, they attended the site Alejandra Borrero actress and her colleague Katrin House Ferler Assembly; environmentalist Gustavo Wilches; Anthropologist Esther Sanchez and Indepaz group, headed by its president Camilo Gonzalez and partner Joana Barney and Diana Valenzuela.

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