Jalisco does not forget its roots

Public workers are being taught the indigenous languages in aims of giving these communities access to all their rights.

The General Attorney of the Republic (PGR) in Jalisco reported that the National Institute of Indigenous Languages (INALI), through the Deputy Human Rights, Victim Care and Community Services, trained its staff on "Access Program and use of the national register of interpreters and translators of indigenous languages ".

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The workshop was conducted at the premises of the State Delegation of the PGR, in the downtown area of Guadalajara.

He noted that during this training talked about the importance of working for the languages native speaker population has better access to linguistic rights under the state.

He said that officials were informed about the existence of a catalog which discloses what the indigenous languages spoken in the country, in order to contribute and make more efficient the government's attention directed to this sector of the population are.

He noted that in Mexico 364 linguistic variants spoken in this catalog exists and information about them and is updated constantly due to the dynamics of languages and linguistic multidisciplinary studies in the country.

He noted that in the course PGR officials assigned to the delegations of Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima, Aguascalientes, Michoacan, Queretaro and Zacatecas involved.

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