Pepe Mujica's video column

Starting on September 2016 the Uruguayan former president Pepe Mujica has his own video column on DW, so far he has uploaded 3 entries. 

Conciencia Sur is the name of Uruguayan former president Pepe Mujica in DW. It began on September and has currently three videos discussing international trending topics. He will be uploading a video every two weeks.

So far he's analyzed the world's inequality saying the economy has lost the perception of equality due to massive wealth concentration, which is a consequence of capitalism. He gives the Mexican example where 1 person has 7 GDP points of the country. Also only 85 people in the world make 700 million dollars per day and their richness is equivalent to what 3,000 million people have.

He's also given his view from the global south. He says financial capital can become ungovernable, the environmental crisis caused by human consumption and the market is threatening the human species and asks himself if human beings have the capability of solving these situations or if we've reach their limits.  

In the last video he analyzed the causes of the Colombian decades long conflict.

He says "Colombia and its people have paid an enormous price for an oligarchic intolerance." He relates this to the trend some countries are following, with far right countries gaining popularity and hypernationalistic and xenophobic speeches being applauded.

José Alberto "Pepe" Mujica was born in 1935. He passed 14 years in prison for being one of the leaders of the National Liberation Movement in Uruguay during the dictatorship. Between 2010 and 2015 Mujica was the Uruguayan president, he was known to give up 90% of his salary to donations and being "the poorest president in the world."


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