Lima keeps ranking

For the fifth consecutive year, the Peruvian capital leads the ranking of tourism in the Latin American region. Let’s discover why! 

Lima Peru's capital city, and capital of the region of the same name. Today is a modern metropolis, with about 8 million inhabitants, one of the major cities in South America, and is the country's largest city and is equipped with all the advances of modern life, has appropriate infrastructure tourism, ideal for conducting events (congresses, conventions, meetings, etc.) international.

The city has nightspots downtown areas, districts with modern infrastructure with major hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and. . Here you can find excellent tourist services, from hostels from one to three star hotels, 1 to 5 stars, apart hotels of 3, 4 and 5 star restaurants plus three to five forks; specialized in local, national and international meals. Thus, lima has districts that are worth visiting, among which are to Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco where you find everything from beautiful and nice parks and squares, to modern shopping and residential centers, pubs and nightclubs full of fun. On the beaches of these districts Hawaiian, hang gliding and paragliding practiced table.

On its periphery and even in its urban area are the main architectural monuments, from prehistoric sites like the Citadel of Pachacamac (site of an oracle and center of religious pilgrimage from different eras) to houses and temples I and colonial churches like the cathedral, Torre Tagle palace; today headquarters of the Foreign Ministry. Among other important sites for tourism can be found palaces in colonial style that retain their beauty and magnificence, such as the Plaza de Acho, mall bare, the house of the Inquisition, the strength of the Real Felipe, the Museum of the Nation, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Larco Herrera, the Government Palace and Leyendas Park.

It was founded on 18 January 1535 by the Spanish conqueror Dn. Francisco Pizarro and was called "City of Kings", being then headquarters of the Governorate of New Castile, which Pizarro was governor. For its colonial architecture in 1991, UNESCO declared it "Cultural Heritage".

Then, it is not that weird that Lima keeps ranking as the most visited city in Latin America, both in number of international travelers in their rate of growth, according to the Annual Survey of Global Cities Index Target (International Disability Caucus) Mastercard.

According to the International Disability Caucus, in terms of visitor spending, the Peruvian capital figures recorded 1,440 million.

Lima is the global city considered best destination in Latin America, both in number of international visitors (over 4 million) and in terms of its growth rate (CAGR of 9.9%).

It reported that this year two cities in Latin America are part of the Top 20 Cities Fastest Growing: Lima, ranking 15th, with a CAGR of 9.86%, and Bogota, ranking 16th, with a rate of 9.61 %.

"The cities surveyed in the 2016 International Disability Caucus are powerful engines of economic growth for their respective countries and regions, and year after year a general increase takes place in the main statistical indicators that reflect this phenomenon," said MasterCard in its report.

According to data Visitor Expenditure city, the capital of Peru figures recorded 1,440 million, ranking at 5th Latin American cities. The ranking positions as the city Punta Cana 1, with 2,950 million dollars.

"The big news in International Disability Caucus this year has been the incorporation of more detailed data about the costs of international visitors, determining both the purpose of the trip (if it is for business, pleasure or otherwise) as a breakdown of expenditure" Indian.

After Lima, Mexico City is the second in Latin America with international visitors (2,980,000). Followed Punta Cana (2,730,000), Sao Paulo (2.3 million), Buenos Aires (2.02 million), San Jose, Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Montevideo and Quito.

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