Women empowerment in Paraguay

The path for girls has not been easy in Paraguay, but lately the government and they themselves have recognized a change needs to be made.

From 8.00 am Protocol officials and national Foreign Ministry Press the minister waited expectantly for a day to receive her with all honors in the old Palace Benigno Lopez. The wait was long. Rossana, the 12 year-old girl, came around 11.00. The delay was due to her previously participation in a meeting and a ceremony at the Government Palace with the President, Horacio Cartes, and colleagues.

Already in Chancery, in the International Day of the Girl, Rossana was led into the courtroom Ambassador Eladio Loizaga, Foreign Minister, who made her aware of their duties, before inviting her into his office to take his desk and from there to summon the deputy ministers.

"Ambassador Cabello ?,' said the minister. I need you to come," called Rossana by internal line to the Deputy Foreign Minister Oscar Cabello Sarubbi, closing communication with an "if not, you will be dismissed", then look at the watch he was wearing to control how much delayed in attending the official.

Earlier, the foreign minister himself typed numbers office Terumi Matsuo vice minister in charge of the administrative part of the ministry and handed the phone to the girl minister to invite her to join him.

His attitude, held by the chancellor and other adults who crowded into the small office, started the laughter of those present, when the girl, after asking deputy ministers to explain about their work areas, asked the Matsuo ambassador and another staff if they were happy with their salary.

40 girls leaders. From Paso Yobai, Guaira, Rossana and Loizaga, emulating an act of signing international instruments signed and exchanged documents. About 40 girls just like her, participated yesterday in this symbolic campaign activity Being Girl, organized by International Plan program that aims girls and adolescents to grow up free from violence and equal opportunities.

In 2011, the United Nations established that every October 11 the International Day of the Girl Child was held to recognize the rights of girls and exceptional challenges facing worldwide.

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