Latin America about justice

The World Justice Project organization said in its index Rule of Law Index ranking of countries where there is more and less confidence in justice.

The first country on the list is Denmark, and the last, Venezuela.

The measurement was made based on surveys of more than 100,000 households and other experts to discuss "how justice in practical, everyday situations experienced".

The list was made based on 44 indicators that measure eight factors: regulations on government powers, absence of corruption, how open is a government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil justice and criminal justice. The index ranges from 0 to 1, where the higher number indicates greater confidence.

Denmark has a score of 0.89, while Venezuela barely reaches 0.28.

In Latin America the greatest country was Uruguay, which ranks 20th among 113 countries and has a score of 0.72. In Uruguay the highest score factor was obtained access to fundamental rights (0.8).

In Venezuela, the item was the worst rating of criminal justice.

Countries in Eastern Europe and North America continue to lead the list, followed by countries in Asia and the Pacific. As indicated by the organization, the South Asian region received the lowest scores.

About Latin America and Caribbean, it stands to Argentina as the in that has improved the most since it climbed 12 positions. Moreover, El Salvador fell 8 positions.

In less words, Latin American countries are going up and down when it comes to give an opinion about justice, depending in a major proportion to the specific country situation. Due to corruption cases, education levels, government administration and so on, Latin America is far from believing in justice. There is a long way to go but a strong desire of growing is shared.

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