Latin American women of the future: numbers speak

In Latin America and the Caribbean, almost 20% of adolescent women are married or live in pairs, in some cases often forced as the rates show the balance for 2016.

19% of the Latin American girls between the ages of 15 and 19, or in the words 1 out of 5, are married or in early marriage in Latin America and the Caribbean," Emma Puig de la Bellacasa, a regional specialist in gender equality programs and international social inclusion plans.

This situation is worrying because girls are often forced to marry older men who have abused them or raped them, Puig said.

As a result of this abuse, children become pregnant and are forced to marry, so they leave school and are exposed to mistreatment, she said.

According to this organization specialized in defending the rights of children, Nicaragua is the country where most girls marry or live as partners before the age of 21 (41%). The Dominican Republic (40%), Honduras (39%), Brazil (36%), Guatemala (30%), El Salvador (25%) and Mexico (23%).

The situation gets worse in rural areas and in poor families, according to the specialist, who called for greater visibility of this problem in the region and more commitments on the part of the governments to solve it.

Out of everything that has been said, these numbers are outlining the future of the Latin American women. Developed countries are fighting against low birth rates and after getting to see the Latin American rates we are placed on the other extreme. Currently nations are looking for balance in order to allow economy to work as best as it is possible.

In conclusion, Latin America has to think of ways in which women start considering both education and family as a project for their every life. Governments must start promoting educational development for little girls in the big cities as much as in the rural areas.

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