The plastic surgery fever doesn’t cease

It is well known that Asia is one of the continents where there is a greater number of aesthetic surgeries, but to our surprise does not have the higher rates in these procedures. The region of the world in which more invasive and aesthetic surgical procedures are made is Latin America and Venezuela has become the plastic surgery paradise.

According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), America is the region of the world with the greatest demand in these surgeries. Countries like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela, are among the 25 with more interventions every year.

Despite the unfavorable economic conditions in many of our countries, the image is the priority of many women and a growing number of men every day.

Nowadays, almost anyone can access an aesthetic treatment, whether or not surgical at very low costs, and as a result of the desire to change something that does not satisfy the body image, many clandestine places offer these services at low costs but without any guarantee for the patient.

All over the world, when talking about a Latina woman one of the first images that comes is someone with a tanned skin, small waist and big breasts and buttocks, and this is precisely the pattern sought by women who resort to cosmetic surgery to mold their bodies according to their preferences. Not in vain we have liposuction and breast augmentation in the first places of the most common procedures.

As already mentioned, the number of men who practice surgeries is increasing. In Latin American countries, approximately 10% of the male population has attended a professional to receive an aesthetic treatment of any kind.

According to statistics made by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in countries like Venezuela the number of procedures is very large considering its population: Approximately 8 out of 1000 Venezuelans have undergone a cosmetic surgery. Following in this statistic we find Brazil, with 7 of each 1000 people and in third place, Colombia, with 6 procedures per thousand inhabitants.

With regards to the reason people undergo surgery and according to surveys conducted in these Latin American countries, the main reason why a person practices such a procedure is acceptance and recognition in society.

The centers for physical care (spas, gyms, aesthetic centers, clinics) increase in quantity and competitiveness across the continent. Anyone can have access to an aesthetic procedure to satisfy their need or desire for change.

Alternative therapies also increase in popularity and the demand for professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery is increasing. Surgery is a growing trend in Latin America and many people are making aesthetic tourism to this region in search of quality interventions at low costs.

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