Mexico takes advantage of technology

Children and teenagers in the 21st century are highly consumed by technology and not exactly in positive way. Mexico will turn the table upside down in order to educate and help Mexican youth through mobile apps.

A project organized by Jorge Manuel Díaz, a student of the systems engineering career at the University of the West, obtained a gold medal in "Multimedia Project", an event organized by the Latin American Society of Science and Technology (Solacyt).

This is a new mobile application called "VRT 2.0 Virtual Toolls". This tool allows a child to review the topics seen during classes, depending on the grade level he is taking.

Thanks to the contribution of the student of psychology Karely Cardenas, the users besides being able to study from the colors to basic mathematics, also can accede to a type of psychological therapy to overcome their phobias.

A visit to the psychologist represents fear for some people, some prefer not to go, the first thing they think is that they are not crazy, that's why we are looking for an alternative for them to do therapy; And continue to reinforce what they saw in school, but in a more fun, Diaz said.

The programmer defines his project as something new, because currently there is much of the same in the market. Most develop applications for entertainment but no one cares about helping children, the elderly and people in general.

The application integrates virtual reality and through 3D lenses children can begin to interact to study in a different way, while fighting their phobias.

The creators suggest that parents or guardians always supervise their children while they use it.

Work is still being done to improve the application, as they plan to release version 3.0 for presentation at the Infomatrix Latin America contest to be held in Zapopan, Jalisco, March 26-29.

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