Honduras hits the record books by creating largest human Christmas tree

"It is my great pleasure to announce that today, December 1, 2014 the people of Honduras in Tegucigalpa, with 2,945 people, have broken the record for world's largest human Christmas tree. Congratulations," said a Guinness representative on Monday.

The ceremony was attended by Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who promoted the initiative, accompanied by his two daughters; Legislative Assembly Chairman Mauricio Oliva and other officials and special guests.

The president received the certificate of the record and thanked everyone who made it possible during the Christmas celebrations that began Monday at the Presidential House.

Among the 2,945 people who participated in the feat, those dressed in green and red gave shape to the Christmas tree, while those in yellow formed the star-shaped light on top.

The tree remained motionless for over six minutes after which the participants joined in the Christmas festivities held by the government.

The inauguration of the celebrations was marked by performances from renowned artists and musical groups from the country, food and Honduran handicrafts.

"Honduras is a country that loves peace and wants to live in peace," Hernandez emphasized, adding that with the largest human Christmas tree it was serving as an example to the world.

According to one of Guinness' representatives, the earlier record for the largest human Christmas tree was held by a community in Argentina and was formed by 1,982 people.


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