Violence at work threatens Latin America

Around 13% of workers in Latin America suffer psychological violence at work related to threats or discrimination. Could this be a reason for low productivity rates in the region?

In Mexico, 26% of women have suffered any cases of labor violence, while in Ecuador 50% have suffered discrimination based on genre.

In Peru, 74% of workers have suffered some episode of hostile behavior at work

Approximately 10% of professionals have received economic violence, such as threats of non-payment of wages or wage discrimination

The Professor of Psychology and expert in Prevention of Occupational Risks and collaborator of the International University of Valencia (VIU), Pedro R. Gil-Monte, has elaborated a research work in which he concludes that 13% of workers in Latin America suffer psychological violence at work related to threats or discrimination.

So much that 13.6% of women and 11.7% of men confess they have been discriminated and constantly suffer from communication problems; 13.3% of women and 12.7% of men say that they are being personally or professionally discredited and 9.6% of women workers and 9.2% of workers claim to suffer economic violence as threats due to wages.

This is one of the conclusions drawn from the work carried out on 'Violence at work and its modalities: analysis of the phenomenon in Europe, Spain and Latin America' in which the author intends to analyze the evolution of this phenomenon in Europe and Latin America, forms of violence at work: mobbing, sexual and sexual harassment and discrimination at work.

By country, Mexico is one of the countries with the highest rates of violence at work, in the way that one out of four women (26.3%) have suffered some form of labor violence. So 30.26% of women confessed they were victims of economic violence (sea through threats of non-payment or economic discrimination based on sex), while 22.3% confessed they suffer psychological violence and almost 8% with a sexual intention. This, in addition to the situation of job insecurity in Mexico where 10.3% of women and 7.7% of men do not receive income for their work.

Ecuador, on the other hand, showed 16% of the workers had suffered psychological harassment at work (4% daily), a rate that rises to 19% in the case of women.

The report reveals the case of Peru, which is one of the most striking in Latin America, where 74% of workers have suffered some kind of hostile behavior at work and 11% suffer psychological harassment.

Everything previously said is just an approach to the situation all the region lives every day. And as it has been proved, this is not the appropriate scenario for a productive and healthy worker and is one of the reason Latin America is stuck when it comes to personal development and productivity rates.

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