“Gustu” gving out chances to La Paz

Claus Meyer provides training to young people and women without jobs or prospects in Bolivia to soften the poverty situation of the country.

Danish chef and businessman Claus Meyer has a special interest in Bolivia. With its Melting Pot foundation seeks to revolutionize the gastronomy of the country and this includes the sale of street food in La Paz.

Its new mission is to support the talented women who dedicate to this activity with the Suma Phayata initiative ("well cooked", in Aymara). The so-called "comideras" of popular markets and La Paz streets will be trained to improve the preparation of their food and the administration of their small businesses.

The idea arose during one of his visits to La Paz when Meyer, Noma's proprietor, who was chosen four times as the Best Restaurant in the World, tried the street food and, although he liked it a lot, he got sick of the stomach, explained the Melting Education coordinator and Second chef of the restaurant Gustu, Coral Ayoroa.

"As a result of that, we said that this can not happen because the best food is in the streets, it is the food of our landlords. Then we take action to teach them food handling, hygiene and customer service," he said. Ayoroa spent the last year and a half touring the city in search of the "best flavors" to design a street food tourist circuit that opened this week.

Moreover in his Gustu restaurants, young people and women are receiving the opportunity to work and to develop themselves that in a different way would be impossible.

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