The first generation in peace

Before the peace deal in Colombia, it could have been impossible to even think of guerillas women giving birth and the harsh drama finally ends.

Since the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) signed the peace agreement with the Colombian government last November, there has been an increase in the number of pregnancies in the ranks of the guerrillas.

The peace process that began with the signing of the peace agreement last November has resulted in a total of 80 pregnancies and 66 women with children in the 26 transition zones across the country. In these areas the guerrillas will be six months to abandon their weapons and return to adapt to civilian life.

Despite the fact that the FARC has been accused of practicing forced abortions on women who are part of its ranks on numerous occasions, now they expect the number of births to increase. This was expressed by the FARC's Western Bloc commander, Pablo Catatumbo, to the BBC: "In the war you could not have children and now you can."

The commander also added with respect to this situation that "Yes I think that is going to present a boom, but it is a boom of peace, it is a boom of the love; And welcome the children of peace. "

Pregnancies were forbidden in the FARC. They used a compulsory planning method, but since May 2016 the guerrilla fighters began asking for permission to become parents. "It was not that there was an express authorization, but the conditions were different and the decrease of the war allowed these women to have their children in different circumstances, so they all had a green light," says Ruben Zamora, FARC commander for this Area of Meta.

Now, giving a better life to those babies who are on the way is much more than good intentions, the guerrillas admit. First, before being officially registered in a notary's office, the parents will have to resolve their legal situation, because almost none of those in this concentration zone has a citizenship card.

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