Paradise has a name: Montevideo

The Uruguayan capital is, according to Mercer, the city with the best quality of life in the region. 

Mario Benedetti, one of the most prominent figures in Uruguayan literature with Eduardo Galeano, once described his homeland, Montevideo, as "a provincial city." A place that, even in these violent times, is full of tranquility. "To the south, to the south, she's still waiting for Montevideo," Benedetti wrote.

It is no coincidence that this stillness that shapes the peaceful small-town of which the writer spoke, has made Montevideo the best city in Latin America in terms of quality of life according to the ranking made annually by the consultant Mercer. Although it is far away in the global ranking of the world's cities - it occupies the 79th position in the list headed by Vienna, Zurich and Auckland - it is enough to be the best in the region.

When it comes to qualifying a city, Mercer, based in Germany, evaluates 39 factors, ranging from political, social, economic, natural and cultural, to medical and health issues such as waste disposal and air pollution. It also considers education, public services and transportation, recreation sites, consumer goods, housing and the level of crime.

The Uruguayan capital, with its 1.3 million inhabitants, stands out for its leisurely pace, its safe environment, its traffic without too much chaos, and its economy without any fuss. In fact, Peugeot and Citroën announced that two models of cars will assemble there from this year, so they will produce 6,000 vehicles per year. Montevideo is closely followed by Buenos Aires (93) and Santiago (94). The same three countries and the same order as in the report of the year 2016.

Singapore (25) is the best in Asia while San Francisco (29) is the first in the United States. The last ranking of the global index was for Baghdad, Iraq, which is repeated as the worst evaluated city within the 230 metropolis considered for the study.

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