Chilean women work presence yet to come

The female participation rate in the Latin American work force reaches 54%, while Chile is in the last place of the chart, with a 43% female occupation.

The Chilean rates are far from countries like Colombia that has 55% of women in their workforce. In addition, within that percentage, 53% corresponds to senior management positions, according to rates from the World Labor Organization. Our reality is very different from what happens in Colombia. That is why we must advance in gender equity issues, especially in the field of senior positions, said the Chilean Conzuelo Pi, Michael Sales Manager & Marketing.

The same study indicates that in the Chilean market, women between the ages of 25 and 45 have greater opportunities for placement in managerial positions, whereas access to those same positions decreases in the case of women in their 50s.

Conzuelo explains that this difference does not have to do with age, but rather with competencies, since women over 50 have more experienced profiles that fit high management positions, while the higher search volume points to middle management.

As for salaries, 83.5% of women in paid work earn less than $ 550,000 net, 42.6% less than what a man receives in the same job, even though the profiles of women are higher in competence for their high organizational capacity, special skills for communication and attention to detail.

There is still a long way to go in all Latin America, however with these studies being made we are a step forward by starting to recognize the situation we currently live

Manuela Pulido

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