The wall that divides athletes

Twelve swimmers dived into the Pacific Ocean and went all the way down from the United States to Mexico to show kindness, and to eventually raise awareness about the immigration issue that currently hits Latin America.

Donald Trump’s campaign promise of deporting millions of undocumented people, mainly targeting Latin-Americans, was the main topic of the occasion. The event’s goal was to raise money for the Centro Colibrí de Derechos Humanos. This center is an NGO that helps identify family members that have lost their lives while trying to cross the border after the tough and dangerous trip that must be done in order to enter United States.

Swimmers came from the U.S., Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, and South Africa. During the event, they were escorted by ship from the Marina Armada de México until they reached the shores of Tijuana near the Mexican -United States border.

People went out to cheer on the swimmers from their beginning over at Imperial Beach California to the end of the 6.2-mile route. When all of reached the shore, the Mexican Migratory Main Chief praised them in a public ceremony.

LatinAmerica Post | Manuela Pulido
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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