Chile innovates in classrooms to improve school performance

New technologies have come to stay and Chilean schools are starting to integrate it into their everyday routines

Chile innovates in classrooms to improve school performance

Some years ago, it was farfetched to think that students would be surrounded with technology within their academic environments. Now days, kids are using computers, tablets, or even films in the hopes to complement the standard educational texts.

New technologies have changed the course of education and have made it possible to modify various teaching methods. While it maybe be true that this new approach should not be abused, there is much that professionals can use to improve their students learning within the classroom.

Ana María Otey, an English teacher from Puerto Montt, Chile, has implemented new teaching approaches on her elementary school students: "I feel that since I included online homework and exercises that they could include interactions through applications, children are more motivated to learn English”.

The use of tablets is becoming common. Young children are more receptive to visual things and have become encouraged to read. However, they are motivated in parallel to make use of various resources on the web, as well as to seek bibliographical material in libraries all while taking notes on virtual note pads.

The environment is also being affected by said social and educational shift. Students are no longer taking notes on physical notebooks thanks to the implementation of the use of personal computers to search, do homework, read, among others.

The world is constantly changing and teachers are facing it. These professionals are constantly updating their knowledge, applying new formats to help and specially motivate them in the areas of reading comprehension, math, science, and languages.


LatinAmerican Post | Daniella Páez
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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