Five reasons to believe in Brazil for Russia 2018

This team integrates Group E and is a candidate for winning the World Cup

Five reasons to believe in Brazil for Russia 2018

Brazil National Soccer Team had a terrible disillusionment in the World Cup of 2014. However, things have changed with Tite as its coach. He has consolidated a great squad with excellent results in the qualifiers and important consolidation of young players with a leader as Neymar.

There are five reasons for believing in Brasil for the World Cup of Russia 2018. ‘La Canarinha’ integrates group E with Costa Rica, Serbia, and Switzerland.  Therefore, Brazil’s principal objective is to get the sixth title in its history.

1. Strategy of 'Tite': First, Adenor Bacchi ‘Tite’, the coach of Brazil, has given back the identity of ‘Jogo Bonito’ to the team. Brazil is characterized by its good play and its attack is powerful. ‘El Scratch’ won the Conmebol qualifiers for Russia and got with anticipation the classification to the World Cup with 41 points.

After replacing Dunga, ‘Tite’ changed the mentality of his players, gave them trust, and the squad began to get positive results. For this reason, trust and motivation are the principal values that have given back the illusion to Brasil.

‘Tite’ joined the group and transformed the mentality of the players, who began to get important results in the qualifiers. The trainer’s strategy consisted on saying to the players that they had the conditions for winning by playing good soccer.

2. The great moment of Neymar: Secondly, after his transference to Paris Saint Germain of France, Neymar has been fundamental in the excellent performance of this team during the season. He integrates a great trio of attack with Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappe.

Neymar is an element of trust of ‘Tite’ because he makes the difference thanks to his great conditions as striker. Moreover, the player is a natural leader for the team and always guide his teammates for the winning. This is why Neymar is fundamental to the excellent performance and development of the squad.

This striker has great skills with the ball and he generates collective games, especially with Phillipe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus. This last one is living a great moment with his club and he is an excellent complement for Neymar.

3. Consolidation of young players: Thirdly, ‘Tite’ has given the opportunity to young players to demonstrate their abilities. An example is Gabriel Jesus. The striker is 20 years old and integrates a magnificent society with Neymar. He has scored important goals and is very fast in attack.

Gabriel Jesus plays in Manchester City and defines with quality the soccer matches. He is very fast, strong, and can play in many positions; for instance, like a winger and attacking midfielder. His game style is versatile and his talent is undeniable.

This young striker has scored 8 goals in 12 matches with ‘El Scratch’. His definition is determinant and when he receives the ball, he generates risk to contrary defenses.

4. Vertical and effective attack: Brazil generates soccer play in the sides with its players Dani Alves and Marcelo, who are fast and have technical skills for associating with the offensive midfielders and strikers.

Actually, defensive midfielders as Renato Augusto, Paulinho, and Casemiro are efficient for recovering the ball. Equally, they have powerful running and they distribute effectively the ball in the pitch with precision.

5. Order on the pitch: In general, Brazilian Soccer players understand perfectly their functions on the pitch. Dynamic, comprehension, velocity are the particular and peculiar virtues of this team.

The in-group work has been determinant in the performance of Brazil, and the synchronization of the players is an aspect that has returned the essence and identity to ‘La Canarinha’.

To sum up, Brazil National Soccer Team is candidate for winning the World Cup of Russia 2018. The essence of ‘Jogo Bonito’ has come back. The ‘Scratch’ is motivated and now it is preparing on of its best participation.


Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas
Copy edited by Marcela Peñaloza

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