What is the controversy of the Paraguayan club Rubio Ñu Luque about?

The team manager claims that the filtered photos are a method of extortion

What is the controversy of the Paraguayan club Rubio Ñu Luque about?

Paraguayan football is dismayed by the intimate photos of club president Rubio Ñu Luque, Antonio González and player Bernardo Caballero. In the photos appear both men lying on the bed and apparently without clothes. The images circulated in social networks and immediately became viral.

After the publication, González went out to speak to the public and accepted that he and the player were in a love relationship.

According to local media, the images were filtered after a conflict between player and manager. Caballero wanted to leave Rubio Ñu Luque and wanted a money owed to him as well as a percentage of the pass. However, the directors of the club refused, which generated an internal fight.

Gonzáles decided to go out to the public to explain the case. According to the Paraguayan newspaper Hoy, the president explained that the person who leaked the images is a third party in the discussion that wants to keep Caballero's pass. It is expected that this scandal will affect the price of the player.

According to González, Caballero "is a person who was with me here in Rubio Ñú for more than two years, he was a special person for me , in parenthesis, and in short, he was my partner ." He had all the privileges: vehicles that he never thought of in his life. He drove Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser, Prado, Hilux ", said the manager to the local media.

According to the president, the person who uncovered the scandal is called "Valentín", who apparently is the player's representative, Valentín Ozuna. Gonzalez said that "this player is a satrap, bandit and swindler, he came to this humble club to take a lot of money." The president also assured that he is prepared for any legal action by the player and his representative.

Caballero had arrived at Rubio Ñu de Luque from the club Juventud de Bella Vista, after the team paid approximately $ 1,200 dollars. Now, for his exit, he was asking for at least 360 dollars.

"15 days ago this Valentine has been sending a messages to my secretary, who wanted his pass, I told him that I did not want to talk to that man: his pass costs 2 million guaranies. He cited us two times at the Liga, we went and he said that he only had 1 million, "González explained.

The scandal also showed what would be a kind of prostitution in football. According to President González, in an interview with Paraguayan radio station 970 AM, many entrepreneurs enter the world of football only to maintain relations with players. "There are many who are looking for soccer players, I know a few, and there are businessmen who are just looking for that, there are many who enter as players entrepreneurs exclusively to eat," said the manager.

The president also explained that the relationship between them ended when Caballero left with the same Valentín Ozuna, who according to the manager, is responsible for disclosing the images to blackmail him to sell the player's pass for a lower price.

The club Rubio Ñu Luque is a team that plays in the fourth division, in the local league of Luque. It is the namesake of the second division team of Guarani football nicknamed "albiverdes", from the Santísima Trinidad neighborhood in the Paraguayan capital. The scandal club is a native of the city of Luque, in the central department.

The name Rubio Ñu is in honor of the martyred children of the battle of Acosta Ñu, a confrontation that occurred in the context of the War of the Triple Alliance. In this event, 500 soldiers and 3,500 Paraguayan children faced 20,000 men from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (the triple alliance).

For its part, the Paraguayan Football Federation does not know how to deal with this issue, since it is the first time that an intimate problem has arisen among people of national football.


Latin American Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández
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