Worcket: An app to get a job in the Tinder style

Latin American entrepreneurship promises to optimize job search through Artificial Intelligence

Worcket: An app to get a job in the Tinder style


Finding a job can be a frustrating and exhaustive mission, as well as the process of finding the right candidate for companies. To change this perspective, a group of Argentine entrepreneurs decided to replicate Tinder's method, this time not to get a partner, but to bring the candidate closer to better and more precise job offers.


This is Worcket, an application that through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning promises to optimize the job search process. Its mechanism works similarly to the well-known Tinder dating app, making 'match' between employers and applicants according to similarities of capabilities, interests and functions. Once the first 'meeting' has been held, candidates can answer five questions pre-selected by the employer or proceed to chat.


Worcket also replaces the conventional curriculum written by a one minute video where the applicant can expose their experience and interests. The app guides the user in the construction of the video and similar to a social media platform, allows the linked ones to follow and like each other.


In the case of companies, the application also requires the creation of a video that exposes the conditions of the vacancy and characteristics of the company. Only job offers that, through AI decoding, share similarities with the applicant's video may be seen by both parties. Thus saving time in interviews and filtering the search possibilities towards a 'match' with more chances of hiring.



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From Latin America to the world


Despite the existing work applications in the market, Worcket achieved, thanks to its technology and work model, over 7,000 users in just one week after its launch. According to details given to the local media by the CEO of the app, Gonzalo Agüero, 85% of registered users have completed the steps to create the profile and between 1,500 and 2,000 new downloads are made each day.


Worcket was launched at the end of April and so far is only available to users in Argentina. However, the entrepreneurs already contemplate a near extension to the Colombian, Chilean and Peruvian markets initially, to then conquer larger markets such as the United States or Spain.


The application is free download for users seeking employment and allows the synchronization of data with social networks. For their part, companies that wish to bid their vacancies will have to pay a monthly fee.



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Latin American Post | Krishna Jaramillo

Translated from "Worcket: una app para conseguir empleo al estilo Tinder"

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