Latin America: in which countries is infidelity more common?

A new study revealed where people are the most unfaithful: why do people cheat?

infidelity in  latam

It is common to hear from co-workers, friends and even family members the term "infidelity", but why has it become a daily factor mainly in Latin America? It is true that throughout the world infedelity is a reality, and it is also true that in every relationship this is a risk, and it can happen anywhere in the world. Where there is love and passion there is a risk of error.

According to the news portal Infobae, Excelsior and Forbes America, the countries in Latin America where infidelity is more common are Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia. These publications have reported that the main factor that makes these countries top the list is sexuality. Sex is part of every loving and passionate relationship, and when a relationship is threatened by a person who can give one of the parties involved what they want without falling into absurd routines or fights, it is decided to carry out an infidelity, whatever the consequences that this brings with it

The second factor that causes infidelity today is the lack of commitment or "openness of mentality". Although it may seem like Latin America has a traditionalist thought, communication without limits has made younger generations, millennials in particular, opt for open relationships, this is no commitment to anyone and having no such responsibility could justify the fact of not being unfaithful or faithful to anyone.

With this the generations before have been confused because younger people no longer show the same respect for a single relationship as in past dates. Now it is all passenger, all experiential. If a partner does not meet the needs, there is always another person and if it is due another and another but in turn not being with anyone. 

Immediacy could be another factor that causes infidelity. Currently technology has made things easier for us to search for information instantly, watch a video right away, consult a book about specific information through the Internet, and contact our friends via social media. Sexual freedom in content and portals is equally quick and concise, which is why long-term relationships for young people in Latin America and the world to some extent are often considered tedious, thus generating greater infidelity.

The last important factor for which people are unfaithful to their partrners is experience and coexistence. Today's culture greatly revolves around having only one life, with this it becomes even more important to experience as many things possible before time is up. according to data from El 70% of married women and 78% of married men say they have an extramarital relationship at least once in their life. These people tend to think that it is not worth having sexual and romantic relationships with a single person for the rest of his life, despite being married.

Infidelity is constant in many relationships worldwide and although it is important to think that this can generate psychological distress for the couple for the rest of their lives, in some freedom is prioritized over the feeling of love.


Latin American Post | Cristina Torres

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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