Colombia’s Nairo Quintana finishes 3rd in Tour de France

Following a Tour de France stained by health and condition issues, Colombia’s Nairo Quintana finished 3rd in Paris on Sunday after which he canceled for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

After more than 89 hours of cycling, Quintana finished four minutes and 21 seconds behind Chris Froome, the winner of the world’s most prestigious annual cycling event.

From the beginning, the Colombian rider was among the favorites to win, but while Froome was in primer condition, Quintana was not, he told reporters last week.

“I’m disappointed to not have been able to create more of spectacle. Some of my physique has gone missing. I’ve suffered from allergies,” the Colombian explained.

Nevertheless, having taken part in the tour only three times and having reached the Paris podium each time, “I can only be happy” he told the Tour organization.

“After so many kilometers, so much work, to be on the podium is gratifying and always a success,” said Quintana.

The Colombian vowed he will continue to vie for the first place on the podium.

“It takes many years to reach the pinnacle but if I keep trying and working, I’ll make it. I’ll keep chasing my yellow dream,” Quintana said.

The Colombian said he will not take part in this year’s Olympic Games, set to be held in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro in weeks, to9 recover “and be ready for the Vuelta a España to give emotions and animate the race.”

Colombia reports | Adriaan Alsema

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