Many Venezuelans are migrating to Colombia.

Gustavo Cruz, a Venezuelan who runs a restaurant with his father in the Colombian capital Bogotá, says there’s a boom of Venezuelan areperas in the city.

Bogotá Christmas: Key holiday dates

Get hyped for the holiday season with this guide to celebrating like a Colombian.

Brazil’s Chapeco to name plaza after Colombia’s Medellin

Brazail’s Chapeco will build a memorial to the victims of a plane crash in Colombia that killed almost its entire soccer team, and will name a plaza after Medellin in a display of appreciation for the city’s heart-warming response to the tragedy.

Colombia’s Medellin sends love to Brazil’s Chapeco in massive display of soccer solidarity

Medellin‘s stadium proved too small to shelter the tens of thousands of Colombians who had flocked there in an extraordinary display of solidarity with Brazil’s Chapeco, the city of the Chapecoense soccer team.

Cocoa for coca: How Colombia hopes to heal a drug-infested countryside

Some interesting initiatives are motivating farmers to produce and export cocoa, growers are finding it could offer a lucrative alternative to illegal crops.

Students take chances in Medellin

Every year, Colombia becomes the center of the fashion design competition Latinoamérica Habla for Latin-American students aiming for a place in the fashion industry.

Colombia’s Nairo Quintana finishes 3rd in Tour de France

Following a Tour de France stained by health and condition issues, Colombia’s Nairo Quintana finished 3rd in Paris on Sunday after which he canceled for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Colombia's peace beckons

After nearly 70 years of war and a quarter of a million casualties, the guerillas are talking peace. There’s a long road ahead

Autonomy and life projects, reasons not have children

A recent study carried out by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNal) School of Gender Studies shows the transformations of the living history of childless women who perceive maternity as an option and not as a destiny.

Peasants and ethnic strike ends

Colombia’s peasants and ethnic minorities ended almost two weeks of strikes, protests and roadblocks after the government vowed to include them in decision making on mining and other decisions affecting the countryside.

Colombia 6th In Gender Equality In Latin America

When it comes to gender equality Colombia is 6th in the ranking of Latin American and the Caribbean countries and 42nd worldwide.

Colombia’s elite in the Panama Papers

Colombia’s wealthy have $100 billion, more than a quarter of the country’s GDP, stashed in offshore accounts, the country’s former tax chief estimated Monday

Colombia's big comeback

How the country went from being the cocaine capital of the world to a Latin American success story.

Good samaritan pays electric bill in Bogotá

You’re unemployed, down on your luck, and you find a bundle of banknotes and an electricity bill. Would you pay it? That’s exactly what one Colombian woman did in Bogotá, and she even left a note!

84% of Colombia’s children are born out of wedlock

Eighty-four percent of Colombia’s children were born outside of marriage, a record in Latin America, according to a global study.The report, prepared by the Child Trends and Social Trends Institute gathered information from 49 countries.

Unequality in Colombia 2nd highest in Latam

Colombia is Latin America’s second most unequal country in the Americas after Honduras, according to updated World Bank statistics.

The story of Santiago Uribe and the 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles were a far-right paramilitary group that was active in the early 1990s in Antioquia, a province in the northwest of Colombia. The group was allegedly founded by Santiago Uribe.

Pope Francis confirms Colombia visit

Pope Francis will be visiting the South American nation during the first half of 2017

Colombia's President Santos enacts tougher law on acid attacks

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has signed a law that imposes tougher sentences on the perpetrators of acid attacks.

Around the world in 80 anthems hits Colombia

Capri Everitt, an 11-year-old girl from Vancouver, Canada and her family will travel to 80 countries to sing 80 anthems in 41 languages in an effort to raise $1 million for SOS Children’s Villages

Contrasts in violence between Colombia and Venezuela

Venezuela violence hit record levels in 2015; Colombia murders lowest in 20 years

A maid’s peaceful rebellion in Colombia

María Roa has had remarkable success in getting the Colombian government and ordinary citizens to wrestle with that question and reconsider how domestic workers ought to be treated, as a matter of principle and under the law.

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