Education and technology together for better results

Radical changes are needed in the Colombian educational system

Countries from different regions of the world such as Ireland and Portugal in Europe; New Zealand in Oceania; Uruguay in Latin America or the United States became referents of school connectivity, by connecting 100% of their schools and transforming their educational processes in the classrooms. They made it with digitization as a tool and in just five years, according to the study: "Cisco Connectivity Program for the 21st Century."

These actions demonstrate that it is possible to move forward in a global context where illiteracy and lack of access to education are still prevalent. According to this analysis, there are more than 250 million children who reach primary school without reading or writing. And in Latin America there are 58 million who do not have access to basic primary education and 63 million that for various reasons do not attend high school.

We cannot ignore that we have a big challenge in Colombia and that becomes more relevant now that we have a new Minister of Education: increase broadband connectivity and technology applied to education in schools. This is how our children and young people can access better contents and a model adapted to the current needs and demands such as digital learning.

The great challenge for Colombia must be focused on implementing technologies in the new educational processes. With this transformation, students could have access to better educational materials; Greater capabilities; As well as teachers more prepared thanks to diverse applications with which you can optimize the teaching processes.

Manuela Pulido

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