These are the extravagances of these 3 drug dealers

The profits of drug trafficking gave these drug lords and their families the opportunity to fulfill their most extravagant earthly desires

These are the extravagances of these 3 drug dealers

The earnings of drug trafficking gave Pablo Escobar, the "Chapo Guzman", Carlos Leader and their children the opportunity to fulfill their most extravagant earthly desires. Here we tell you some of them.

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Pablo Escobar

These are the extravagances of these 3 drug dealers

Series such as "Narcos" by Netflix or "El Patron del Mal" by Caracol Televisión, among others, have catapulted even more the fame of Pablo Escobar all over the world, despite having died in December 1993.

The icon of drug trafficking is also remembered for his extravagances, some of them revealed in the book "Pablo Escobar. My Father (The Stories We Should not Know)", written by Juan Pablo Escobar, his son.

The Hacienda Napoles, according to the book, was the summary of the extravagance of Pablo Escobar. There, the capo had a zoo with exotic animals brought from all over the world. This was opened during the holiday season and came to be visited by up to 25 thousand people of limited resources, who visited the zoo totally free.

Also, Pablo Escobar was ahead of Steven Spielberg before he made his movie Jurassic Park, because years before he had ordered the construction of dinosaurs’ replicas on a real scale that were later placed in different parts of the Hacienda.

When Juan Pablo turned nine, his father gave him the letters that Manuelita Sáenz wrote to Simón Bolívar, when they were lovers. When he turned 11, Juan Pablo already had 30 high-speed motorcycles, trimotos, ATVs, and 30 skis jets. At 13, Pablo gave her an apartment with "mirrors on the ceiling, a futuristic bar and a zebra rug", says the book.

In an interview for the Late Motiv program of the Movistar + channel, in 2017, Juan Pablo says that he proposed to his father to bring Michael Jackson to a party because he was tired of the "criollo" artists, to which he replied that "he was going to bring him, but that when Michael Jackson wanted to leave the Hacienda, he would charge him 60 million dollars to let him out safely to his ranch Neverland, in the US".

The "Chapo Guzmán"

These are the extravagances of these 3 drug dealers

Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as "El Chapo Guzmán", was one of the leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel, before his capture and extradition to the United States, where he is currently being held.

Among his extravagances is his obsession with the actress of the famous novel "La Reina del Sur" produced by RTI for Telemundo, Kate Del Castillo, with whom, reports El Heraldo, the "Chapo" would have a questioned relationship. It began when the actress sent several messages to the capo through his Twitter between 2012 and 2015, to which he replied: "I'll take care of you more than my eyes."

In fact, the controversial interview made to "Chapo Guzmán" for Rolling Stone by actor Sean Penn, was made possible through the intermediation of Kate Del Castillo, who was present at the interview entitled "El Chapo speaks". The surprising thing is that Kate Del Castillo found the whereabouts of the drug traffic faster than the US and Mexican authorities.

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According to the Reforma newspaper in Mexico, "El Chapo" underwent surgery in which an implant was placed in his testicles to improve his sexual performance. On the other hand, the ex-leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, the Mexican authorities found gold-coated pistols in his mansions. In one of the mansions, 18 plastic containers were found with $ 100 dollars bills.

Iván Guzmán, one of the children of the "Chapo", made public his eccentricities in which, apparently, is his official account on Twitter.

Carlos Lehder

These are the extravagances of these 3 drug dealers

The co-founder of the Medellín Cartel, Carlos Lehder, who has been paying 31 years in prison out of the 34 that American justice imposed on him, could not hide his obsession with the Rolling Stones band and, above all, with the desire to see them play in his German Inn.

El Espectador reports that "his associates told us that the boss was talking about the money he was going to pay for them and how the event's logistics would be; even, where would he put the speakers so that everyone could hear the band". This same medium adds that "at the entrance to his mansion he had a statue and gigantic photos of the Beatle John Lennon, whom he admired".

This Colombian drug lord used compulsive marijuana and, according to El Espectador, "it is said that he smoked between 20 and 30 cigarettes twice the size of normal marijuana cigarettes and that he bet millions of Colombian pesos to his friends and relatives to see who was the first to put together a 'joint' of marijuana on a horse running at full gallop".

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