Get to know the Colombian artificial intelligence project that won Google's annual prize

A Colombian project obtains for the third consecutive time one of the prizes of the Latin American Research Awards

Get to know the Colombian artificial intelligence project that won Google's annual prize

The fifth edition of the Google Research Awards for Latin America received 281 proposals from nine countries. These projects are focused on the study of machine learning. In other words, the ability of computers to learn without being programmed.

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Andrés Felipe Romero, PhD student in Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes, along with Pablo Arbeláez, professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, won one of the prizes in the latest edition of the Latin American Research Awards (LARA, for its acronym). This prize was obtained with an artificial intelligence project, creating a software that allows the analysis of micro-expressions. In other words, the small changes in appearance on the face of people.

The greatest interest of this project is not only to identify expressions such as happiness and sadness, it also seeks to help with the diagnosis of diseases such as depression and to detect alcohol. Not only that, this is a work that can be applied in different fields, said Andrés Romero in an interview with Latin American Post:

  1. Cashiers: "All cashiers have a camera, and the expression of the face when you are being robbed is panic, the face says what is happening. So, if I can detect that, I can know that someone is being mugged without the person saying a single word."
  2. Architecture and design: "The room can change the lights, the color, the environment, the music, according to each mood. They could build even smarter buildings than those that are already built."

In the same interview with Latin American Post, Pablo Arbeláez said that this work "could help autistic children improve their relationship with their environment." So this is not only a project applied to biomedical, for this project also contribute in fields such as psychology, marketing, security, entertainment, among others.

Artificial intelligence can be taken as a science if its focus is the development of programs based on comparisons with man, and if its efficiency contributes to a greater understanding of knowledge and reasoning. With artificial intelligence will develop systems that can come to mimic the mental capacity of humans. This is because this is an artificial vision that investigates and deals with the automatic processing of data from visual sources, computers that recognize emotions and detect lies with just registering a face.

The greatest interest that a platform like Google has for this project is to be able to identify the emotions of users when viewing a video or publication, which would transform digital marketing. For the third time in a row, this duo won the annual Google award for the most innovative and creative project in Latin America.


Latin American Post | Amaranta Ursula

Translated from "Conozca el proyecto colombiano de inteligencia artificial que ganó premio anual de Google"

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